19 Sep 2006

The Picture of Intimidation

The police are not surrounding felons caught in a raid. They are surrounding the roots of democracy in Singapore. Keeping them huddled together. Keeping them contained. Keeping them under watch.


Anonymous said...

The picture looks very beautiful .... the rich colour reminds me of one of Van Gogh's painting (starry starry night?).

Anonymous said...

Wah more sentries than our Istana leh...

Anonymous said...

They are not intimidating the protesters but rather: protecting them from harm. Singapore: the only country in the world where the police ensure the maximum safety of street protesters!

AnarchistEm said...

Hey can I quote some articles from your blog? I am translating them into chinese, cool?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Boring... where the water cannons, teargas and rubber bullets?

Shit, if they are going to spend my tax dollars bullying peaceful citizens, I want my fucking money's worth!

Why doesn't someone start shooting, for goodness sake. Bloody hell, give the audience bang for thei bucks.

I pissed off to Bangkok for the weekend...now there's some REAL political action going on.

The Royal Thai Military SACKED the government, parliament and the senate. Fucking good job guys! The ROYAL soldiers jobis to protect the king, country and the people. No wonder the common folk are thanking the soldiers, and placing flowers on the tanks.

Toxic Shitwater and his crony capitalists screwed the people and plundered the country. I hope they try them for treason, and that they get their comeuppances.

Anyway, is is damn good to see the state apparatus get taken away — hopefully the military is not itself corupted or fractured by internal power struggles. So far, so good.

The country belongs to the THAI people, who are the royal subjects of their moanrch. It is called THAI-land, not THAKSIN-land.

The Thai monarch is the world's coolest, hippest King — a jazz musician with a wonderful human spirit.

"Long Live King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit"

lee hsien tau said...

Since they provide guards so the protestors can sleep peacefully, why not also provide beds.