12 Sep 2006

Singapore opposition leader found guilty of defamation

From ABC Online

The leader of Singapore's opposition Democratic Party, Dr Chee Soon Juan, has been found guilty of defamation in a case brought by the government.

The case centres on an article written by Dr Chee for his Singapore Democratic Party's newsletter.

He criticised poor financial controls in Singapore after a national charity was found to have misused public donations.

Dr Chee has told the ABC he wants to highlight the issue at the IMF World Bank meeting in Singapore over the next week.

"We had said that in a system where there is hardly any transparency and hardly any accountability, you know, such cases are inevitable," he said.

It is not the first time the opposition leader has been sued by the government.

But Dr Chee says the ruling will not deter him from demonstrating at the weekend in defiance of Singapore's anti-protest rules.

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