11 Sep 2006

Govt harassment begins: Police steal flyers from activists

Singapore Democratic Party website...
9 Sep 06

A bunch of police officers tried to intimidate activists who were handing out leaflets to alert the public to the Empower Singaporeans Rally and March on 16 September 2006.

Three officers approached Ms Chee Siok Chin and Mr Charles Tan at Raffles City Shopping Mall and warned the two that they were committing an offence.

When asked what offence was being committed, the police could only say that it was a "seizable offence." Pressed to be more specific, one officer said that his superior would inform them.

The officers also said that they would have to seize the flyers and quickly grabbed the bag of leaflets sitting on the ground.

When Dr Chee Soon Juan appeared another bunch of police officers told him that he had to stop distributing the flyers.

"Under what section of the law is it an offence?" Dr Chee queried.

"It is a seizable offence," came the exasperating reply.

"You haven't answered my question. What Act says that it is an offence to distribute leaflets? If you cannot tell me which specific law I am breaking, how can you tell me to stop doing what I am doing?" Dr Chee continued.

Quickly changing the subject, the officer said, "I have to take the flyers." He reached out to grab the leaflets which Dr Chee was holding.

"If you want to seize the flyers then take me as well. We go together," Dr Chee suggested.

The police officer retracted his hand.

At this point there were at least six police cameras lurking in the various corners recording the encounter.

"I can come with you right now if you want me to. Where is your car?" Dr Chee offered again. "If you say I am committing an offence, then let's go to the police station. Otherwise please move aside as you are blocking my way."

The bunch withdrew into the crowd and hung around the shops, looking from afar.

The activists continued distributing whatever pamphlets they had left. When they ran out, they approached the police officers to ask them to give back the flyers they had stolen.

But as soon as the activists got close to the officers who were all in civilian wear, they dispersed in different directions like suspects fleeing the scene of the crime.

One, Senior Staff Sergeant Lee Hong Chee, who pretended to be a shopper looking at a window display whilst sipping on an ice-blended coffee, was not quick enough. When asked where his colleagues were he said, "I don't know."

"Do you know it was wrong to take our pamphlets when you haven't told us what offence we had committed?" Dr Chee asked.

Sgt Lee searched for an answer but could only play back the pre-recorded message, "I don't know."

"Where are the flyers?" Dr Chee asked again.

"They are with my colleagues."

"Where are your colleagues?"

"I don't know..."

"You're not a very competent officer, are you?" Dr Chee continued.

"I don't know...Thank you," the sergeant stammered, and quickly walked away.

Seeing two more officers sitting in the distance, the activists sought their assistance. As before the two quickly scuttled away. But Dr Chee called them back and after asking them to produce their warrant cards, one was Senior Staff Sgt Zaihir Shan s/o Syed and the other was Sgt Andrew Ong, he asked them for the confiscated pamphlets.

Almost simultaneously the two officers' cellphones rang and they both pretended to be engaged in deep conversation while quickly walking away.

These officers were not behaving the way our men-in-blue should – with dignity and professionalism. Instead, when asked they could not cite the law they were supposed to enforce and they behaved like a group of suspects who quickly dispersed when confronted.

First World Government? Yeah, right.


antipathy said...

are u going to host the video on youtube, or do we have to ask?

soci said...

I haven't come upon it yet...

Anonymous said...

As expected from thugs masquerading as civil protectors. Yes, and we do pay protection fees.

Anonymous said...

seriously... next time, you guys should just chase them shouting "thief! thief!"

Seph said...

This almost sounds like some lee tok kong police and thief show,

Chee Soon Juan: I'll report u to the police.
Policeman: I'm the police
Chee Soon Juan: Then i'll report u to u!

I wonder, would things change after 16 sept? Chee picked a good date to protest so that the world would know how illiberal Singapore is. My prediction on the day would be lots of "bystanders" watching while no one stands with Dr Chee. Ashame to admit, but I'm probably one of the bystanders.

soci said...

Hi seph

be careful even if you are a bystander riot police are not very picky about who they hit.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Keystone Cops!!

BTW, where is the (highly paid — by taxpayer funds) Attorney General? And the (highly paid — by tax payer funds) bench of erudite judges of the High Court?

The S'pore Govt is making a JOKE out of the justice system, and the poor coppers are being roped into being political thugs.

To any cops reading this:
Who do you serve and protect — the peaceful people of Singapore, or the State and its oppression of peaceful citizens going about their activities in a peaceful manner?

As a taxpayer, I am outraged that my taxes are being used to harrass peaceful citizens. When police are used in this way, their real crime-fighting duties suffer.

The person who issued the police the order for the harrassment is committing an act of injustice and corruption and therefore is behaving as a criminal abusing his/her position of TRUST

If any of you coppers are still reading this, and if you still have a conscience or a soul left, you ought to arrest the person who is handing you these orders.

Did you join the police force to be a tyrant's minion?

For your own sake, I hope not.

BTW, dear coppers, you are aiding and abetting high level government CORRUPTION


lee hsien tau said...

Unauthorised anti-corruption probe, Feb 1997

'D' Division

Subject: Soh Wai Wah
Rank: ASP (currently Chief of Staff)

Subject is married, childless.
Subject lives at unit of Leedon Heights condo at junction of Holland Rd and Farrer Rd.
Subject owns no other property and does not appear to have excessive sources of income.

Subject: Jaswant Singh
Rank: Unknown

17 Singapore residents share the same name, from court officials to factory workers. However, only subject is a policeman.
Subject appears to hold junior rank.
Subject appears well-connected and to have excessive sources of income.
Subject holds directorships in countless security related companies and a number of properties including a bungalow along Mountbatten Rd.

Investigation suspended due to arrest. Of the two subjects, number 2 holds promise. Probe to resume when situation permits, like when there's a regime change.

Anonymous said...

those guys are just doing their jobs - taking orders from above.

What i think is unprofessional is sending in people without proper skills in handling such a situation. officers who were not properly briefed nor prepared to answer any questions. at least have a senior officer who can take all the questions fr Dr Chee, and also ready to handle media if they do turn up.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Nazi soldier executing Jews, the Chinese soldier shooting Chinese students in Tianamen Square, the Roman soldier, aiding a crucifixtion, the Israeli soldier shooting a Palestinian child, — all these people were "just doing their jobs".

Every normally functioning human being, who has free will and the ability to make moral judgements and choices is 100% responsible for every action he chooses to do.

If the cops can't stand up for justice, they are corrupt. If the cops ar emore concerned about their "authority", power and wages, then they are no different than a state minister who revels in his "authority", power and super-scale wages.

The interesting part about state oppression or repression is that the citizens get to pay for their own oppression — i.e. their taxes — forcibly appropriated — fund their tyrants, the entire system of tyranny.

But hey, the cowardly tyrants hide behind the aegis of The State and are "just doing their job".

Sorry, I don't buy that.

Anonymous said...

you guys will be more creditable if video or audio is posted..