27 Sep 2006

Apologise? But LKY was defending his race...

After posting this below, a thought [obviously not an original one] occurred to me that what the Minister Mentor should do is 'Do-a-Pope' on this issue. Simply argue that you were not being racist but merely trying to create a political space for a sincere, honest and calm debate on racism in South East Asia. Invite leaders of various ethnic or racial groups, [which one is more PC these days?] to come to Singapore for a meeting by invitation of the M&M. And there behind closed doors with no press he can kneel before the delegates and apologise. No one need ever know.

Amar AA
Sep 26, 06 6:34pm

Amid calls from Umno leaders for Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew to apologise for his remarks that the Chinese minority in Malaysia and Indonesia are systematically marginalised, Lee may want to rely on the premise that 'there is no need to apologise if I am defending my race.'

After all, that infamous defence was used by no less a person than the prime minister's son-in-law against his fellow countrymen. And given that he is an Oxford graduate, the senior statesman, being a Cambridge product, could use the phrase assuredly.

I doubt however Lee would stoop to that level (he would prefer to justify his comment on facts) in view of the Singaporean psyche, i.e. Singapore has been many times more successful than us in forging a national identity as they consistently refer to themselves as Singaporeans unlike in our beloved nation where only 35% of Malays and just about 50% of the three major races on average think of themselves as Malaysians first as evidenced by the Merdeka Center research.

This is not to say that all is well and good in Singapore. Subtle prejudices do exist between the various ethnic groups.

But by virtue of the structure of the ruling PAP (Peoples’ Action Party), where it is a single party with membership cutting across the races, they have not sunk into an abyss of racial stratification where one coalition party manifests control, unfortunately along racial lines, and other component parties are gradually subjugated thus becoming second-class members of the coalition. In essence, PAP's structure forces it to address issues from a broader perspective and not just from a single ethnic viewpoint.

The dominant form of racism in various parts of the world today is ethnocentrism, i.e. the belief that one's own race is the most important, its culture superior to other ethnic groups and one's group is the centre of everything against which other groups are judged. Imagine the futility of every group claiming its superiority. The end result is incessant wars, arguments and bitterness with no true winner - an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind as Gandhi said.

Isn't it easier therefore to administer a country based on facts and not ethnicity? If 90% of the poor and destitute are from community A, would not 90% of the resources for alleviating poverty be availed by them?

It is astounding to note that most of the problems between people and nations the world over are a result of double standards. Nobody seems to place themselves in the shoes of the other person. They consciously do unto others what they would not want done unto them. Hypocrisy is easy to overcome however; it just requires a sense of fairness and the will and conscience to follow through with righteous action.

There is a well-known saying that goes 'those who live by the sword, shall die by the sword'; similarly, those who live by racism shall die by racism (metaphorically speaking). History is replete with such instances.


Matilah_Singapura said...

UMNO is a racist organisation. It institutionalises racism in Malaysia.

Lee was kicked out of Malaysia because he was going to win the election. He got kicked out because he was Chinese.

UMNO is still racist to this day. Whilst botht the Malaysian and Indonesian states have improved their treatment of ethnic minorities (not only the Chinese), these 2 states won't be winning any "humanitarian awards" anytime soon.

One thing which is overlooked: Malaysia and Indonesia are not really SECULAR states either. With the widespread politicisation of Islam there is very litte seperation of religion and state.

Institutionalised state welfarism is a very bad thing — it pitches one group (the "moochers" and "looters") against the other — the "producers".

Both Indonesia and Malaysia have a huge group of mooching looting bums, who needn't be "competitive" because they belong to a "favoured" race.

Lee Kuan Yew believes in freedom of speech — for himself ;-)

About 20 years ago he came to Australia and gave everyone a dressing down, warning Aussies that they might become "the white trash of the Pacific". Since Aussies are a generally free-speech lovers, they didn't get their knickers in a twist like our heros in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Rational people give a person a "fair go" to speak, and evaluate what he has to say. They don't get their noses out of joint and react like spoilt children. In fact, many Australians agreed with LKY, and others made a joke out of it.

Recently, John Howard has been taken to task for criticising the Moslems. It seems that the "politically correct" morons are still out there — trying to place limits on freedom of speech. Fuck them. Say what you like, you decide for yourself what is appropriate or not...consequences be damned, and may the "politically correct" tree-hugging, do-gooder collectivists burn in hell.

There is little doubt that Indonesia and Malaysia's "bhumi" policy has created more problems than it had intended to solve.

Of course, if you were a politician, and Bhumis were the majority, you too would be tempted to play the "race card" to get elected. Ah, such is the mob rule of democracy...and I'm still awed that a system which proves time and again that individual and private property rights can be violated by simply casting a vote remains popular.

And dammit, as far as I'm concerned, the Malaysians and Indonesians deserve their comeuppance. (The People Get The Government They Deserve).

To the moochers and looters protected by their "race":

Deal with it. Get an education. Pull your finger out of your bum, and become productive like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with what's being argued here. Let's not his master plan work..that is to distract attention from the other issues mainly the heavy losses suffred by our brilliant investment Hofficer and miniminilee

i.am.singaporean said...

ha. guess what, the Chinese in Malaysia so agree with the MM

Anonymous said...

LKY must learn to give "constructive criticism" as his son and MP has wanted the public to do so as in case of Mr Brown. By offering his own view and just bluntly say out only demostrate that LKY is still controlling and managing the state not his son.

So if LKY knows the truth, why say it out ??? Maybe, it just show LKY although old now, still has his brain fully working and functional. Or maybe LKY is starting to believe in free speech internationally but not locally. Telling the truth won't solve the problem and only increase the dissent of many affected party.

For example, Mr Brown say the truth but what happened ??? Mr Brown is reprimanded for saying the truth which does not offer solution. in same way, LKY is just like Mr Brown.

LKY may not apologise afterall his reputation is at stake. Apologise means that leadership is a joke.

Now, those ministers that use to condemn Mr Brown please come out and teach LKY to offer constructive criticism and why he should it. Failure to do this may indicates that ministers are there to "wayang" and bully the public, but will not touch someone higher that could jeopardise their position. Where are all the so called "maverick" MPs that has big balls and talk so loud that dead ppl could rose from the dead ?????????

This is example of so called elitism. Only apply to elite group, but not to others.

and also ppl who claim to be partial and neutral that end up sucking balls to their boss.
Do not teach ppl if u yourself could not apply it.

Leadership means going against the water not just managing it and going through motion.

Anonymous said...

why the fuck this old senile Kuan Yew is concern with the chinese in malaysia.

one thing for sure, the chinese in malaysia prefer to live in malaysia to singapore coz they do not want to be "compliant chinese" to PAP and chinese chavinism of Kuan Yew dictatorship.

very obvious mah, the chinese in malaysia whom are rich today would not have a chance to make it in Singapore where all major business are controlled by Kuan Yew cronies and families members.

so my advise to Kuan Yew is mind your own business. Singapore is too easy to manage especially after you marginalised the malays and indians.

FUCK you Kuan Yew.

Yawning Bread said...

In terms of substance, what LKY said is valid. The question is whether it was wise for a cabinet minister in the Singapore government to have voiced it as he did.

An academic, journalist or private citizen should certainly be free to do so, but it is unhelpfully provocative for a minister to say so.

It puts the entire government in a difficult position. Do they defend LKY's views or not?

This is where LKY cannot both have his cake and eat it. He cannot claim that "senior statesman" privilege to pronounce on affairs and yet be a member of the current government. If he were a private citizen, the Sg government and all of us can simply say he's just voicing his personal opinion. But not when he was speaking in his official capacity.

He should either retire or watch his words.

Phantom Prospero said...

Racism pervades the whole earth, not just Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Papalee is pulling a Mahathir here- one of Mahathir's favorite trick. By inciting the Malaysians and Indonesians, the people and media will be too distracted to question the Shincorp fiasco, the IMF/ WB fiasco and the Chee Soon Juan fiasco.

Anonymous said...

phantom Prospero said...

Racism pervades the whole earth, not just Malaysia.


Yes, scratch beneath every skin lurks a racist - to varying degrees. However, not many countries have offically insitutionalised it.