11 Sep 2006

Singapore snub stings IMF and World Bank

Steven Weisman and Wayne Arnold
September 11, 2006

THE World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, two organisations that repeatedly praise the role of "civil society" activist groups in poor countries, have protested against a decision by Singapore to bar representatives of several such groups at their meeting with the leaders of poor countries next week.

The action by Singapore was taken out of fear of protests and violence, according to the Singapore police. But several of those barred were invited by both the World Bank and IMF to attend the meetings, as part of an effort in recent years to reach out to non-government organisations.

"We believe that all individuals who have been accredited to the annual meetings should be allowed to attend," the two organisations said last Friday. "We strongly urge the Singapore Government to act swiftly and reverse their decision on entry and access to the meetings for these representatives."

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1 comment:

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck the "accredited" activists.

I, along with countless other individuals — many of whom have different ideas to my own — are all non-accredited activists.

Free speech is a natural right. It follows logically from SELF OWNERSHIP.

The reason I don't trust, even at time despise these "activist groups" is that they use their might and think that their "cause" is the only right cause, and that because they are "accredited" they have a "right"(??) to express.

Bollocks to the lot of them!