1 Sep 2006

Do Something during this upcoming IMF-World Bank Meeting

My previous post calling for civil disobedience has triggered quite a few comments. I leave it to readers to decide for themselves what they want to do, how they want to educate themselves or engage on these global issues.

Meanwhile, an independent social art project, entitled, 400 Frowns, started by Seelan Palay is now online at http://400frowns.lioncitydiy.com/. It also comes with a factsheet on the harmful effects of globalization. It gives you a basic idea on why structural adjustment programs aren't working.

Meanwhile, readers can also choose to participate in the International People's Forum in Batam while the IMF-World Bank meeting is being held in Singapore.

There is no reason not to get involved...


Anonymous said...

Eh, can get reimbursement for the Ferry fare or not? Not cheap you know.

Cheapskate wannabe protester

Anonymous said...

eh...what's the author planning to do himself/herself?

Anonymous said...

"eh...what's the author planning to do himself/herself?"

Aiyah!!! Write more blogs lor.

Dat also must ask one meh?

ycbi said...

Listen you dumb Anonymous dicks. Do you think Charles would be stupid enough to say what he may or may not plan to do .Evan just standing around and observing whats going on if there is more than 4 of you may be seen to be brakeing the law ! This is singabloodypore you are talking about remember. What he is trying to do is get Singaporeans to think about things outside its small island state

Anonymous said...

ycbi said...

Listen you dumb Anonymous dicks.


I just love your type, you know, the advocates of free speech, hypocritical types who shout and abuse others who disagree with your views.


Cordially yours,

Matilah_Singapura said...

This 400 frowns project is the most fucked-up idea I've seen yet come from the shitty S'pore "arts scene" (if you can even call it that)

The pictures on the web page look positively hideous — which is the intent of course. However I fail to see how looking like a BUKKAKE RECIPIENT [1], [2], [3], or a CONSTIPATED RETARD [4], [5], [6] actually contributed to communicating ideas in creative and individual ways, which are functions of art.

It is such a shame that the NAC didn't fund this, which means I have no grounds in this case to fire a braodside at them.

Gosh. As if there isn't enough unhappiness in the world already!

Anyway, to those folks in the pictures, who have struggled so hard on an individual basis, to look uglier than Harry Lee's wrinkled scrotum, I nominate each and every one of you fro National Day Honours and the Culture Medal of Singapore — the highest form of state-appreciation — for your "artistic" efforts.

I support the idea, that in a free cuntry, every one has the right to look like an ass!


Anonymous said...

just the right kind of critic for political parties that profess belief in democracy, freedom, etc..
for the people who have power to make decisions, and obedience for the rest

Anonymous said...

"Eh, can get reimbursement for the Ferry fare or not? Not cheap you know."

Only if you are NTUC member and the protest is organised by Lim Boon Heng.