2 Sep 2006

Empower Singaporeans March

The critics are out in force to pour cold water on the Empower Singaporeans march. Some are urging people to go to Batam instead for the anti-IMF protest. That might be the regime's hope all along and Uncle Yap sees through the fog and filthy air.

The raison de'tre of the Empower Singaporeans March is to show that Singaporeans, and not only foreigners, have a right to protest peacefully. We want to have a say and we want to show others what we think of national and transnational issues. The regime is not allowing us that. Imagine what the PAP would have said in the pre-1959 years if the non-PAP government then banned peaceful street demonstrations. The PAP would have whipped up the crowd and screamed "oppression of the people".

The application for the Empower Singaporean march was rejected by the police. Just like the casino march was rejected. The regime is showing over and over again that they are recalcitrant in letting Singaporeans have some space to express themselves responsibly. Hong Lim Park should not be the excuse that Singaporeans have that space but just choose not to use it. Besides, it should not be the case that Hong Lim Park is the only space for freedom of expression in a Singapore that wants to open up and include different views.

Singaporeans should decide for themselves how we can play a role in the coming Empower Singaporeans March to coincide with the IMF-WB extravaganza. You could take part in the march to contribute although the police prohibits it. But there are other lawful ways of contribution as well. You could be there on the sidelines observing and taking photos of any police provocation. You could petition at 400 Frowns. You could give moral support in the Internet. You can do many things to show that you want a voice and you support others who are fighting for that voice for you. It is just like Total Defence. Everyone has that seperate but important parts to play.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I give it my full support.

The People of Singapore are the true sovereigns, not the state. The state has no right to interpret the constitution in its own arbitrary way.

And the role of the police is to protect the people from violence, not be the aggressors themselves.

Wake up Singapore, the state, and the government—the "legitimate"(??) managers, have far too much power.

The choice for individuals to make is clear: State Power, or Free People.

LuckySingaporean said...

Oh come on this is really stupid waste of time to "empower" Singaporeans to march. "Power to the People" - is a joke. Singaporeans already have ALOT OF POWER.

Yes, this weekend they are exercising this POWER. .....

At COMEX there will be hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans using their BUYING POWER and exercising their FREEDOM of CHOICE.

If you organise a march, only 30 people will turn up. It will be pathetic ...it will only show that only one kind of power matters in Singapore - BUYING POWER.

If you don't understand visit my blog:


Matilah_Singapura said...

This is true. Consumer choice is personal empowerment. It is the foundation of wealth — for both consumers and producers. We are all consumers, and also producers — for it is impossible to just consume without producing.

Free Markets beat political nonsense any day.

BUT[... free markets require freedom to function properly.

To ensure that markets remain free, the state's absolute power must be curtailed so that the people remain the True Sovereigns of the country, not the state.

There is no seperation of personal freedom and free markets, where all the wealth is produced...and distributed.

i.am.singaporean said...

Empowering Singapore is ok. But how much credibility is there in Uncle Yap? He along with Chee Soon Juan have been openly prosecuted by the police. By urging Singaporeans to engage in such protests without a clear plan is not a very wise thing indeed