27 Sep 2006

M. Ravi - Get Well Soon

Here is an extract from a blogger by the name of Jaya Gibson in Singapore Saturday, September 09, 2006. It refers to M. Ravi someone although I have never physically met but feel close to as I have followed his human rights cases over the years. It seems to involve the Falun Gong and is I feel a very personal account of M. Ravi's current state. The validity and reliability of the testament given is not secure. However I do feel that if correct M. Ravi's family and close friends need to be called upon at this time of stress.

At 7am today his Ravi’s friend Karen woke up. Ravi woke up too and seemed like he was back to normal, very rational and calm. But slowly throughout the morning he started becoming irrational again. Ming Guo and I did the exercises and the meditation while Ravi and Karen tidied and cleaned up the house. You Xin turned up and after some sharing we felt that we needed to do FZN to this house as Karen was also a yoga practitioner and there were some unrighteous statues and what not that Ravi brought here. We decided that the evil was interfering with Ravi and didn’t want him to go to Geneva and we shared that the evil wanted to keep us busy maybe if we stopped running around after him like he was a little child wanting attachment. As soon as we decided to leave Ravi started banging things around and making noise. Ming Gou had asked some other practitioners to come also as we had no sleep and we had lots of other things to do regarding the trail here. Ng Chey Huey (one of the accused) and another practitioner came. Also Violet - one of the lawyers Ravi works with who practices a different form of mediation – arrived with her maid. We shared on what we should do, whether we should stay or go and we had a couple of different thoughts one that said we should stay and one that said we should leave. It was hard to know which was the best course of action. I felt that we were being distracted by running around after Ravi like he was a small child demanding lots of attention.

All this talk of 'the evil' makes my skin crawl. It sounds like the usual blah blah of a religious , dare I say the word 'cult'. Nothing more nothing less. The references continue...
So the evil is able to give him a hard time making him irrational and make us waiver on whether to continue with him. I think to just drop him would be bad for him also.

In my humble opinion Ravi should drop the Falun Gong case now.

...if Ravi is not part of the case that Master will of course arrange for the best to happen. But my heart tells me that for Ravi’s sake and ours, we must break through the evil interference...

M.Ravi needs our thoughts and best wishes at this difficult time. Not a bunch of religious individuals reading to him from...
"the Fa to him; I started at Lecture Six on cultivation insanity [...]We read non-stop for 6-7 hours."

Someone reading for 6-7 hours to you is not about working on a legal case but trying to induct you into a religion. Any interference in this case seems to becoming from the Falun Gong trying to get more converts as opposed to fighting a 'human rights case'.

Get well soon M. Ravi.

Falun Gong case postponed due to hospitalized lawyer

Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa
Published: Monday September 25, 2006

Singapore- The lawyer for two Falun Gong members accused of displaying an insulting banner opposite the Chinese embassy has been hospitalized, resulting in the postponement of an appeal hearing until next month, news reports said Tuesday. M Ravi was scheduled to appear Monday in court to argue against the dismissal of his application to stay the Subordinate Courts' trial of housewife Ng Chye Huay, 42, and computer engineer Erh Boon Tiong, 49.

Ravi was admitted Wednesday to a private hospital offering psychiatric services.

His clients were accused of displaying a banner reading, "7.20 Stop persecution of Falun Gong in China" on July 20, the date marking the anniversary of China's crackdown on the Falun Gong movement.

The group is legal in Singapore.

Ng and Erh asked for the trial to be adjourned until Ravi recovers or to allow them to engage another lawyer, The Straits Times said.

District Judge Siva Shanmugam gave the pair until the end of Tuesday to find another lawyer.

© 2006 DPA - Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa

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crankyed said...

Crikey! Dats what you get from trying to help out dat loony cult. The Chee's only lawyer is now turning loony himself.

Anonymous said...

Do not under estimate the power of the dark side. Many a politician have been known to consult bomoh and mediums to help them stay in power and destroy any opposition. I have heard rumours that the great one not only has a personal feng shui master but also a personal grand "bomoh" not so much for the offensive but defensive. He knows that the people whom he offended will resort to anything to harm him and his family and also ne himself knows the eveil he has done will result in retribution, so as the great one has always mentioned he is always prepared .

Anonymous said...

a strange twist. so much for courting the fa lun gong

Anonymous said...

ask the living buddha to make him better

lee hsien tau said...

Thaksin also believe in black magic. That's why he managed to ship out 58 x 2 suitcases, and pass Sin Corp to Ho Sin.

Anonymous said...

which buddha is living?

Anonymous said...

No need to brand falun gong as a 'looney cult' or what not, if you do not even know what falun gong actually is in the first place.

Isn't the person himself irresponsible to casually spout what he mentioned as 'Rumours' to mock falun gong? If so, aren't he himself looney?

I'm not here to start a war-of-words. But I'm seriously questioning how much does he know about this cultivation, which has benefitted so many people in terms of health and morality?

How much does he know about the brutal torture and persecution in China, which is already snowballing concerns from United Nations and Human Rights groups and International courts, today?

For those who are still kept in the dark of CCP's brutality, go to YouTube and type 'The Nine Commentaries of the CCP' - it'll provide you with a much clearer picture about why falun gong is persecuted to such an extent.

I think everyone should check on himself and speak, act and live responsibly. Being able to truly differentiate between good and evil is a virtue indeed.