9 May 2005

Very Interesting Hypothesis

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A very interesting hypothesis put forward by this side of paradise...

Much has been written about a Govt agency and a student blog, and the Govt's call to more debate.

I've recently developed a theory. Few months back, an aggregated blog known as Tomorrowwas set up, like what I did sometime ago.

However, guess what? Tomorrow is actually set up by the assistant director of enabling technologies, IDA [Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore], James Seng.

How do I know? Check out Singapore's NIC (Network Information Centre), and enter "tomorrow.sg" into the "Online Whois" field, click Search, and you have your answer.

Who knows, one day, someone authoritative might just come out and say that the Govt is part of the blog collective of Singapore.

To paraphrase the Christian News Service which paraphrase the Borg, "This is the Borg Collective," they said menacingly. "Prepare to be assimilated. We will add your biological and technological distinctives to our own. You will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

And already, there are editors who writes for Tomorrow, servicing it, much like the way the Borg collective was serviced.

Resistance is futile!

Strange things are afoot in the Singaporean Blogosphere. Those of you reading and thinking this is mere 'conspiracy theory' just click on the hyper links.

I am really starting to like the hypothesis mentioned above from by this side of paradise.... And if you couple that hypothesis, with what has recently happened to AcidFlask,[a small aside, just how in the name of God did A*Star find out about it? Technorati ?]and a previous article I wrote after the launch of new recently introduced 'infrastructure'.

What have you got?


What I find especially enlighening are the comments deriding my post left by 'mcbloody' this and bloody that. Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

isn't that the whole idea. make us stay quiet out of fear?

Agagooga said...

Oh come now, it's very obvious that that was a joke.

Kua said...

And I think it's has been extended to students as well...CampusMoBlog.

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