25 May 2005

Leong Ching Misses The Point About Party Political Films.

The birth of a relatively new blog. And don't let that cute picture fool you. This is a 'mature' blog.

To her credit, Leong Ching does make one salient observation about permissible local films. On the makers of Tak Giu and I Not Stupid, Leong Ching notes:
"Like Mr Neo, Mr Tan also uses humour to make his points.

These two films show that savvy film-makers know how to work around the Films Act to make their point."
I feel that this is a pertinent observation. And I also feel that it is a very sad point. Leong Ching suggests that as long as your film stays comedic, cute and funny, you'll probably be permitted to comment on politics. However, the moment you try to make a serious film about politics - you've drastically increased your chances of being thrown into jail.

And that is sad. Even if Leong Ching can't understand it.

The entire post can be accessed here...


Anonymous said...

Yes, the PAP has a sense of humor. They have to be criticised in a humourous fashion and not a serious fashion. Then they will be happy to approve your film.

If you criticised them in a direct serious manner, people might start thinking SERIOUSLY about what you said.

Thinking people is a considered dangerous by the PAP in Singapore.

Mr Wang Says So said...

Err ... your link doesn't work any more, as I changed the title of my post.

Now you have to click here.

Thanks for the publicity, by the way.

ahmad said...

A humourous take on any political issue allows the PAP leeway to manouver when being critisized. They can simply shrug it off as "only a joke".