31 May 2005

Fraud in Singapore?

The views expressed, [plus the grammar and spelling] below are those of Jorge Alvear, not me. So please send all replies to Jorge Alvear. Email address is provided at the end of the letter. In partiular Jorge would be very grateful if someone could provide some legal advice regarding how to proceed with this matter.

Hi Steven,

Thank you for your reply. Look, my company is a an small company in Quito, Ecuador, South America. I'm the owner and we don't have a web site because in Ecuador that is not usefull to develop business, just works when your company is really big.

However, I can send you all the information about this case. We are trying to get some results with the Singapore´s police. What do you think about it? do you believe that can I get positive results with them?

In the same way, do you think could be better if I get an advocate and if I start a legal proceedment?

I will appreciate any suggestions from you.


Jorge Alvear

Dear Sirs,

This e-mail is to make a fraud complaint from one of the companies that many web sites promote and recommend to the purchasers from Asia, Singapore exactly..

I have payed $ 32550 USD for a automatic Cd screen printing equipment model SP5-MKV to the [name removed], this are them facts:

[name removed],
BLK 1 [name removed],
06-07 [name removed],
Phone: (65)
Fax: (65)
Contact Person: [name removed],

But after receive the payment, they doesn't answer my e-mails either my phone calls from one month ago. Then I started to ask about this company, and then I knew that the same company, represented by [name removed], en Singapore have swindled another ecuadorian company on october 2003! foraround $ 40000 USD in a purchase of a similar machine.

In order to get up the reliable image of the Asian Companies in America, please do something about this company, make you to a complaint to them.

[name removed], uses the same address on this three years, and keep makind frauds in a country with less than 700 square kms. and with just 4.5 million people.

On 2003, Mrs. Armijos de Vizcaino, consul of Ecuador in Singapore, got a personal meeting with the Director of the Police of Singapore, who knew about this situation. The answer from him was "we can do nothing, return to your country". Apparently the owner of [name removed], belongs to a family very good related with the political goverment in Singapore, and this let her to swindle to anyone without any sanction.

I don´t know if this kind of e-mails can help in some way, but let me tell you that my country have a very deep corruption problem, you can find it every day in your life. However, is pathetic to learn every day how to face this problem and do not be so much affected; but, at the moment to make business with one of the most free corruption countries, I loose all the savings from many years of work

Of course I got all the documents to support my accusation, and the consul of my country in Singapore is informed about this situation and we are making a formal complaint from the ecuadorian goverment to the Foreign Affairs Minister of Singapore.

I hope to receive your support.

Jorge Alvear
Galavis # 106 y Valladolid
Quito - Ecuador
Fono: 593-2-2542395
Fax: 593-2-3227129
Cel: 593-9-600-5347

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