5 May 2005

Singapore Falun Gong Practitioners Released

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After seven days of detention, two Falun Gong practitioners were released from Singapore jail on May 3, 2005. Ms. Cheng Lujin and Ms. Ng Chye Huay had been on a hunger strike for seven and four days, respectively, prior to the release. They plan to appeal their case to a higher court.

Ms. Cheng said the police informed her on May 3 that she was free to go home. Later she realized her family had paid the fine on her behalf. Both Ms. Cheng and Ms. Ng said that paying for the fine was against their will. They said they did not commit any crime and should not have to pay for a fine. They hope the government can return the fine.

On May 1, Singapore-based Strait Times said that the two Falun Gong practitioners could be subject to more punishment because of their hunger strike. In Singapore, it is against the law to go on a hunger strike in jail. Their family members became increasingly concerned with the situation and decided to pay for the fine under pressure.

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