15 May 2005

Speak out loud!

Emboldened by the fledgling support, the campaigners hope to further galvanise public opinion at a time when the government is opening up and allowing the public to speak out more on controversial issues.

A candlelit vigil for Murugesu held at a local hotel this month attracted about 100 people -- activists and opposition politicians as well as ordinary citizens, many of whom bought and wore t-shirts opposing the death penalty.

The participants listened to speeches, poems and music such as Bob Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Dead Man Walking”, which was the soundtrack of a 1996 movie about efforts to save a death row convict in the United States.

“I feel that tonight’s event is a display of courage. I think we need the courage of a lot of people for things to change,” said Iris Koh, a music teacher who volunteered to sing at the evening vigil.

“I feel that courage is the only thing that can overcome death. I was quite scared (at first). However I’m a teacher so I also feel that the best example I can give is not through words but through deeds,” she told AFP.

Murugesu’s lawyer, M. Ravi, said fear in this famously tightly controlled city-state remained a concern preventing more people from openly supporting the campaign.

In an example of the extent authorities still monitor dissenters, an “open mike session” at the vigil in which the audience was invited to speak was abruptly ended just after the first speaker began to talk.

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Anonymous said...

Murugesu's lawyer got slammed, if you read the papers today. Sadly, none of that suprises me anymore.

Anonymous said...

They will probably move to destroy those involved in seeking justice for Murugesu. Tomorrow they will probably arrest the "party political" film maker and jail him. Singaporeans have no feelings anyway. They can hang 100 Murugesus and no more than a handful will turn up to protest.

kief 'maharishi' singam said...

well as much as i agree with the 2 comments by anonymous, i must hereby say that, knowing that singapore is indeed a police state, what singaporeans can do is to expose whatever that is going on in singapore to the WORLD. let the world see this nonsense and underneath this disneyland image of the country, lies a dirty and bias political system.

but for this to happen, singaporeans have to understand and study what has happened in the past and whats going on now. dont jump to conclusions before gathering hard facts. most if not all singaporeans have a mindset that all is well in that little country, mind you that aint true.

yes, the country is safe, clean and sweet on the outside. but for every action made there is a reaction and i doubt this current govt has got what it takes to stand proud of its questionable ideals.

from the sad events of Shanmugam, to the casino issues and the shut-out of the opposition parties in singapore....this has indeed gone to far.

i as a citizen of the world and as an educator, educate those who see singapore as no.1 in asia. for it aint true.

people will be disgusted at this, but the truth always hurts and no-one really wants to hear the truth these dayz, we rather live a life of lies and deceit.

thats the sad reality of it....

Anonymous said...

all i can say is let's all migrate...migrate...quit s'pore...

Jowie said...

Yes.. migrate! this is only a hotel where home should be elsewhere.. the feeling of 'my home' where i get to decide wat happens to my home. :D