16 May 2005

Global Voices on Radio Open Source

Radio Open Source, a new public radio show hosted from Cambridge, Massachusetts by Chris Lydon, devoted its second pilot show on Friday entirely to Global Voices.

The show featured conversations on the phone with bloggers Hossein Derakhshan (Hoder), Ndesanjo Macha, Dina Mehta,Global Voices co-founder Ethan Zuckerman, and Rebecca MacKinnon with Steven McDermott in Edinburgh. Click here and have a listen (mp3).


ahmad said...

Hi Steven,
Good to hear your voice finally! Would certainly love to have a pint with you in Edinburgh, given the chance :)

soci said...

I actually intend to return to Sg. possibly this December. And I would really like to meet up with fellow bloggers and readers.

Jowie said...

urh.. with permit please.. HAHA!! and yes, i miss u too steve.. :P I've downloaded it and heard the radio interview too..

it would be nice if there's such radio station around in singapore that's easily "accessible".. This is even more interesting than other FM radios in singapore. WEE!! :D