16 May 2005


Dear friends, supporters, registered users of the erstwhile
'caustic.soda', and/or Singapore bloggers:

This will be my last email to you on this matter. I apologize to those of you who had written to me but have yet to receive a reply; I will try to get back to you soon.

AcidFlask has decided not to renew his existence in the blogosphere, deciding instead to let entropy expire him. But before departing that world forever, he has decided to pass the baton (or keyboard, as it were) to one Elia Diodati, whose email (eliadiodati@gmail.com) is in the reply-to: field of this email.

Elia would like to announce that his blog, "e pur si muove", will work toward becoming Chapter Two of "caustic.soda" and would greatly appreciate your continued support on the new blog which is located at:


Elia encourages registration on the blog. Although not required to leave, registration may or may not give you useful features, such as customized alerts, the ability to contribute posts, faster approval of comments, and access to non-public entries.

Rome has spoken, the case is closed.

Thank you.


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