17 May 2005

Singapore Rebel is a party political film?

ASP Chan : "I'm informing you that the MDA (Media Development Authority) has on April 11 lodged a police report alleging that Singapore Rebel is a party political film. Do you have anyhing to say to that?"

At the end of the interview, I asked what is going to happen from here on. He replied that investigations will continue and that I may be asked to go for another interview. When asked if the police would raid my house to confiscate my tapes, he said investigations will go on.

Continue reading the unfolding events at singaporerebel.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Party Political Films are undesirable:

Party political films are disallowed because they are an undesirable medium for political debate in Singapore,'' the Ministry of Information's communications director K. Bhavani.

Debate? Where? On TV? On the Straits Times? ....I've lived in Singapore for 28 years and have not seen a Singapore political debate. The only political debate I ever see is between Bush and Kerry during the US Presidential Elections, I wanted to vote for Bush after the debate but forgot I'm not an American.

Political Debate? Surely you are joking Bhavani - one sided propaganda plenty but debate?...I remember Ministers "debating" school children but I wouldn't call that a real debate.

Jowie said...

Agreed.. they prefer comments and they called it discussion. I'd similar feelings with u during that presidential debate in U.S. How I wish I am an American at that point of time and I am there to feel the political passion in it.

Hmm... What about here? I don't give a **** to what they said or discussed. Simply no interest as its just one way comm. *propaganda*
There won't be anything stimulating within the speech and nothing raises my enthusiasm so, less to say for others fellow singaporean.

I've heard enough of the "right" info/source. They are basically boring.. Something like Open Source radio, Singabloodypore & Martyn's film.. For once, I felt balanced.

It's just suppose to be an 'act' to say they encourage debate.. Behind the wall, they are reluctant and to those whom are invited to the discussion are those whom are being 'brainwashed' and if not KIDS!. So what's there there to debate? Obvious isn't it..

Won't they invite these fellow bloggers that have been serving our information needs. Even they would, I don't know how many will turn up. Due to 'fear'.. Gubermen recognise this element that deters voicing out but they din't actually put up new legislation to assure us despite encouraging voices. Obviously, we are not being encouraged to do so!

*shakes head* what about the innocent blog caustic.soda. Haiyo.. *shakes head* HAIZZ!!! *shakes head* What the heck!! *shakes leg* Pai seh for the long comment. :D

Anonymous said...

read today's st forum...they publish mainly "good" letters from patriots/supporters and just a few token criticisms - and only those dat sound the weakest - to give the false impression of a balanced view (i.e. "see we didn't prosecute catherine lim and jamie han so kindly ignore the a*star case and all others").

i like this singabloodypore blog cos it brings up all the exact issues dat i feel most strongly about...hope it becomes famous enuff to make everyone talk about it

kief 'maharishi' singam said...
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kief 'maharishi' singam said...

ignorance can be educated.
drunkardness can be sobered, but
STUPID lasts forever

STUPID is what the governments game plan is all about

STUPID is what the government thinks the people are, BUT WE ARENT

STUPID is THE main requirement for anyone who wants to join the PAP

Jowie said...

yes I agreed too. Its just a game or show for us, audience to view. "Critics" are selective in the gahmen advantages. Maybe, there isn't "critics" afterall..

Sometimes, I just felt that our parties are under one ownership. Cos there isn't competition! In such a small island, I see lots of monopoly and duopoly.. all under one ownership. Hur hur hur..

But I've got a query arising from past newspaper. It says M&M calling Chee a political ganster.. and can't this be classified as defamation too? I wonder..