25 May 2005

Putting the bloody into Singabloodypore

Launching a new poll to see who, what group, organisation or law has upset Singaporean bloggers this month, May 2005. Each month I hope to update the poll with suggestions from fellow bloggers and readers.

This month seems to have been a very exciting month for bloggers, with A*Star and Singapore Rebel making it into the main stream media. What I want to know is who has earned the title, "Putting the bloody into Singabloodypore".

This months nominees are:

Philip Yeo and A*Star with their threats of defamation.

Home Affairs Ministry refusing entry of Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan, the Southeast Asian coordinator for the group Nonviolence International

President S.R. Nathan refusing clemency of Shanmugam Murugesu

Under Singaporean law, local films that "contain wholly or partly either partisan or biased references to or comments on any political matter" are banned.


Mr Wang Says So said...

I vote for A*STAR and Philip.

But I am somewhat disappointed you did not nominate the local press for successfully misquoting Mr Brown, Mr Miyagi as well as that Ms Chng person from A*STAR.

Anonymous said...

1.) execution of shanmugam
2.) a*star/philip yeo's threats

Anonymous said...

my vote would be all of the above; they're informed by the same culture.

xenoboysg said...

I was tracking back to see when Stevie made the infantile blogosphere entry, you missed nominating yourself by 9 days ... Irish luck? *winks*

xenoboysg said...

Oh, i vote Philip Yeo, truly bloody person.

Jowie said...

haha!! me too.. Philip Yeo should be the one. Guess I can't let him down since he intended to make things public. :D


Anonymous said...

the poll is a great idea steve! =) Philip Yeo is irritating as well as the racist and elitist *Government Scholar*. Question : How come Philip Yeo reacts so strongly while the government reacts so coldly even though the *Government Scholar* insults the President of the country? Go figure.

ahmad said...

Philip "I'll only give scholarships to girls and foreigners" Yeo and A*Star of course!