16 May 2005

Bittorrent is NOT safe

More mail from readers...

Dear Steve,

I have been following your blog for some time[...]

Today, I notice that you've put up a bittorrent link for Singapore Rebel. Ordinarily I would comment publicly on your blog, but this is not a topic meant for the readers that the government have assigned to monitor your blog.

Bittorrent is NOT safe. All the police need to do is to download the same bittorrent file, and they can view the IP addresses of everyone else downloading the movie. They might, if their masters give the go-ahead for a Great Singapore Purge, decide to trace and prosecute any Singaporean whose IP shows up. (typically, all Singaporean IPs start with either 220.x.x.x or 69.x.x.x

Note that Chapter 23 of the Film Act allows the police to prosecute anyone else who distributes the movie (i.e., using p2p and bittorrent). You will be safe. Overseas users will be safe. Any Singaporean downloading this file through bittorrent is not safe.

I appreciate what you're doing on your blog, and I hope you find a safer way to do this. Some readers may not be that tech-savvy, but the eyes of the state are.


The Singapore Rebel bittorent is available here.

Alternatively try using the following to get around Singapore Internet Censorship.

Or try the following link @nonymouse.com


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ!!!!

Anonymous said...

may i suggest using www.yousendit.com instead? although i'm not sure how liable to legal action that will make you.

Anonymous said...

Yes those people who download the movie are disloyal Singaporeans and pose a danger to our society potentially destrutive to Singapore. Martyn See has to be jailed for polluting the minds of thousands using a 29 minute party political movie.....

...Waliao, I thought we are matured enough for casino, but now not matured enough for documentary...especially those that don't glorify the PAP. Sometimes I wonder what kind of country I'm living in, I'm asked to fight and die for ..?

Anonymous said...

if the govt wants it, they will say "must keep up with the rest of the world" and make other excuses, if they don't want it, then "no we r right and know wat is best for u". can't repeat enuff: migrate...migrate... =D

Swordsman said...

Wonder it is just pure concidence that broadband internet connection starts to prosper at the same time when all these p2p s/w like kazza, bit torrent came out.