9 Nov 2006

Waa Waa Waa!

A Form Letter To My Past Self; Or, an Experiment in Introspective Ellipsis

Author's note: please feel free to fill in your own words in the spaces provided. Think of it as a cloze passage assignment, if you like.

Dear Past Self,

Last year you ___________ that the Singapore blogosphere was "full of infantile sub intelligentsia nonsense." It took you so long to realize ___________, and in fact, you had tarred yourself with your own po-mo free-floating paintbrush; it was only just a few months ago you introspectively arrived at this ___________ introspection.

I'm confused, not just because I'm feeling ________, but because the mainstream _________ appear to have has very suddenly changed their tune about you and your kind. Once you were reviled as being little more than ________ online diaries; today the press __________ you, revels in your existence; even the stodgy Straits Times exhorts your ________ by writing "Tell it like it is - on your blog".

Can it be, that the Singapore blogosphere is full of __________ online diaries, full of egotistical ________ consumerist whinefests when slipshod service gets the collective goats of __________ Singaporeans? I thought the whole _________ point was to not be infantile; am I supposed to start _________ about my substandard ____________ from the ________ store on _________ Road? What am I going to do about my gripes, my fears, my trials, my tribulations, my _________, my ____________, my __________?

Should I do as I'm told, and remain infantile; or should I not, and try to live up to some other ineffable, _________, standard?

I'm _____________ and I have to hide in my crib now. Let me know when I'm more ____________ of my correct Status in Society.

Yours sincerely,

Your Future Self

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