18 Nov 2006

Protest At Bush NUS Visit

A blog post by Gabriel Seah, a student at the National University of Singapore where President Bush spoke on Thursday. The post contains 2 video clips, one of the protester brandishing a black umbrella at the police.

Bush at NUS

Bush's extremely long motorcade, and the heckling. At first I thought NUS Campus Security brought up the rear, but it turns out they were police cars. No wonder the former shares the latter's colours. Actually you can't hear the heckling. I'm quite sure I took a video of it ("Boo!", "Go home!", "We don't want you here!"), but maybe something went wrong (d'oh!) or it just can't be heard due to technical problems. You can see the umbrella being waved at the motorcade though. Also this video would've been longer, but Gayle called me while I was shooting it. Grr.

Umbrella girl shows her umbrella to the police cameras, to applause from the onlookers.

to view all text plus pictures of the protest click here.


Anil Balchandani said...

what did mighty warlord Bush go to NUS for?

Anonymous said...

That is not a protest. That is one foreign student holding up an umbrella with words. If Singaporeans have to call that a protest, it show how pathetic they have become. Its like calling our parliament sitting, debates and our country a democracy.

If that umbrella thingy is a protest, then Singapore is a true democracy.

Charles said...

YAY! Bush didn't get away with it. I'm glad someone did it!

freemason said...

Bush may have Bungled but he's a straight talker. also may i remind that stinkapor is supposed to be a 'republic' but its more a 'socialist democrat' with large bureaucracy, liberal political elite, and central control.

Agagooga said...

Protest /= huge protest, just like democracy /= true democracy

No one called it a demonstration. Hell, the official title was "Bush heckling".

Anonymous said...

Stupid Singaporeans try to protest Bush, the leader of a real democracy. Let them try to protest their own leaders and see what happens. Morons. Bush is already protested enough INSIDE the USA. Stop interfering, Singapore. Clean up your own problems. Your own leaders are even worse. At least Bush has term limits and can be voted out. Let the democracies conduct the protests. Let the dictatorships go to hell.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 11:50 AM, FYI, it wasn't a Singaporean who protested against Bush. Rather, it looked more like a foreign white woman who did so. But I lament that not a single Singaporean had the guts to protest in public like she did.