1 Nov 2006

Chee 'suspicious' - He's Not the Only One

From Todayonline Tuesday, October 31, 2006. Not that I would want anyone to read into anything regarding the poster placing this news story next to the one below.

What is going on?

Tuesday • October 31, 2006

Chee 'suspicious'
Leong Wee Keat

TAKING offence to an apparent U-turn with a piece of evidence, Opposition figure Chee Soon Juan and two others accused the prosecution yesterday of being arrogant, deceptive and employing under-handed tactics.

Chee — together with Singapore Democratic Party colleague Ghandi Ambalam and party supporter Yap Keng Ho — faces a charge of speaking to the public without a licence on April 22.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Lee Lit Cheng had applied to District Judge Eddy Tham for a police video recording made on that date to be admitted as evidence. The defence and prosecution had agreed in a pre-trial conference in August to admit the video as evidence but the prosecution wrote to Chee's lawyers a month later to drop it. This raised the ire of the three accused.

In light of a prosecution witness being in court on the first two days of the hearing last week, Chee said he was suspicious of the prosecution. "(They) did not come into court with their hands clean," he charged.

In earlier proceedings, Yap's application for a criminal motion to abort the trial was rejected by the High Court. Yap had said in his affidavit that he had "lost confidence and hope towards a fair trial" after he claimed that neither District Judge Tham nor DPP Lee did about certain "irregularities" that took place during the trial.

Chee and Ghandi are expected to file similar motions before the High Court.

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