25 Nov 2006

Dr Chee Soon Juan's video message

25 Nov 06

Dr Chee Soon Juan, currently serving a 5 weeks jail term for speaking in public without a permit, recorded the following video message before his imprisonment on 23 November 2006.


Concern Outsider said...

It is unbelievable that a so called 1st world country like Singapore has to resort to such a dispicable tactic to silence the opposition. Its behaviour is more like a 3rd world country. Not many countries in the world today can rank lower than Singapore in this area.
CSJ, keep fighting. One day the people will understand and support you. All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is okay lah. The PAP way of comparing is to compare with Russia. If CHee was in Russia he would have died of radio active poisoning already 5 years ago and won't get to make this slick video.

The fact that he is alive shows we are not a 3rd world country. We are an apathetic 2.5 world country with super leaders drawing super salary.

Anonymous said...

fundamentally, the opposition MUST learn to b masters of the game. only then will they b able to have their say without landing up behind bars. they just have to learn real fast to work smarter.

which brings to mind the saying we had during our NS days n which rings so true today....do anything but just don't get caught.


LuckySingaporean said...
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Anonymous said...

h for crying out loud. He broke the law was fined, refused to pay the fine so go to jail. Everywhere in the world be it Australia, Taiwan, USA...every single so called free democratic country, you go to jail if you refuse to pay a fine even if you jay walk and refuse to pay the fine.

In germany you get jailed for schooling your child at home:

Here's a man who went to jail for refusing to pay a fine for traffic offense in US:

It is absurd that Chee tried to "martyr himself" over this. Is he trying to say people shouldn't pay fines? If people are not jailed for refusing to pay fines then no one will do so.

Even the guy selling newspaper at my interchange has to apply for permit. The Star-hub promoter I say yesterday at my interchange also has a permit for 'promoting' the bargains. Why is Chee suppose to be exempted from applying for a license to peddle his books and promoting his political ideas.

This is a joke. The 3 people are CLOWNS. Singaporeans are LAUGHING at them, they don't know simple laws that exist here and cry foul when they are jail. They have become LAUGHING STOCK of our country. Nobody cares about fools.

11/26/2006 01:04:18 PM

Anonymous said...

anon 04:18
You said Chee and gang broke the laws. What kind of law have they
broken? Why do we need a permit to
speak in public in the first place
when the Singapore Constitution guarantee this freedoms?
With local media are muzzled,
these so called laws are enacted to prevent a credible opposite viewpoints againt the Pappies and to perpertuate the rule of the PAP
On the contrary, such laws only make us the laughing stock of the world

skl said...

Anonymous 4:18,

Singapore has not make the grade to be compared to Australia. We are matured enough not to make ridiculous laws. Our Laws are made for the people and NOT the people for the Laws. Compare to the lesser developed countries you are a 'Man' when compared to developed countries, you are just 'Boys'. Who are the LAUGHING STOCK? Think about it.

Petra said...

Thank you for posting this video message up. I see purpose and logic of how these Singaporeans who have the will and courage to not only speak but to stand up to what they believe.

What courage it must take to state,"Hey the emperor has no clothes on" when everyone's fearful of the repcussions.

Courage breeds courage. Thank u Ghandi, Uncle Yap and Soon Juan.

Anonymous said...

CSJ is indeed a brave and courageous man.
Anon 4.18, do u think the PAP police would have granted the SDP permission to give out their magazine and to make speeches?
So whats the point of paying to apply for it?
Freedom for Singaporeans!

Anonymous said...

I'm in my 50 and unemployed. Throughout the decades I have always heed the call by PAP to put my trust in them and to make "short" term scarifices for real prosperity in future.

Well, the "future" has now come and I wonder how or in what it will go for me. I have serve my nation through NS, never committed a crime, really believed "bitter pill" govt policies is for the betterment for all Singaporeans.

The truth is now, I am a forgotten citizen in my own country . An old soldier that is to be discarded. A potentially "huge" burden now to the system. 40 yrs under their governance and this is what I'm facing.

The PAP ministers are the real benefactors of all these scarifices and bitter pill policies that I and many Singaporeans have made. Each and everyone of the ministers are millionaires every year.

They have failed me and many many Singaporeans. I want my freedom back. The freedom to choose and elect people that will really look after Singaporeans. No more redrawing of electorial borders. What GRCs to "better" represent the people. Why have nice clean roads and tall nice buildings when many Singaporeans are feeling hollow inside them. The PAP have failed me and many Singaporeans. I need true representations in parliment. This time I don't not want the PAP to represent me.

Keep it up Dr Chee. You are the light and my hope for the future.

Anonymous said...

clarification above

...the "future has now come and I wonder how or in what it will...

Well, the "future" has now come and I wonder how or in what way my future will turn up for me.

lll said...


Very well said. It is the case of a fish which has spent all its time in a small pond will not be able to appreciate what it is like to be out there in the big ocean.

Dr. Chee and his fellow members have my due respect for their courage and integrity to make such public stand for their beliefs especially in the face of such adverse conditions.

Anonymous said...

Well I am not a great fan of Chee or the SDP but I do believe in principles and a common law for everyone regardless of breed or position. But the injustice being melted out makes me wonder if we are truly a democratic society based on justice (is it being seen done)and equality (why do we have so much classification, streaming and quotas in education, White Horses, heartlanders, quitters, and of course the elite)to so as to achieve prosperity (For who, the MIW and the Elites) and progress (yah, a progress package to buy votes and a progressing GST to help the poor- that was a good one, better than Mee Siam). I have actually lost all believe. I do not watch the news, read the papers or bother to listen to anything the MIW say, because it gives a sad,sinking and sick feeling and makes me resigned to my faith. Unlike me (no chance to show my discontent) and the 66.6 who still believe and think Chee has stood for his belief. I salute him for that and wait for the day when we will get a extra public holiday on the death of the emperor

Anonymous said...

I appreciate CSJ for his vision. I agree that the GRC with 6 people is not constitutional, whereas 3 people is probably more so, if we want to ensure that minority races are represented. I disagree that the ministers salary is always pegged to the top salary. However because the ST / mediacorp has done its job so well, I am not so sure that CSJ is suitable to be an MP.

Anonymous said...

The truth is Singaporeans are "Kiasi" (no guts!). I admire Dr. CSJ and his fellow members for their courage and sacrifices to speak up. Who else? Nobody! Afraid! Do you have the guts???

Anonymous said...

Dr. Chee had a great prospect in terms of good job and earning potential. He has given all that in return of the sufferings just because he truly believe in his conviction for change in Singapore
dictatorial system.
How many of us are truly as selfless as he is and prepare to do the same for our convictions?