29 Nov 2006

Dr Chee Soon Juan's health deteriorates in prison

For immediate release
Urgent: Dr Chee Soon Juan's health deteriorates in prison
28 Nov 06

Dr Chee Soon Juan was visited by his sister Ms Chee Siok Chin this afternoon at the Queenstown Remand Prison. They met to discuss their lawsuit brought on by Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his son, Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

During the brief half an hour meeting, Dr Chee revealed that he had not eaten since the morning of Monday 27 November. This was because every time he ate what was served to him, he would feel nauseous and dizzy and then throw up. Normal sounds such as the jangling of the guard's keys and even the sound of his cell mate urinating are amplified causing him massive headaches. He has not been able to sleep and has been taking valium to help him rest. Dr Chee has also lost a considerable amount of weight.

A close friend of ex-remisier Mr Boon Suan Ban who was committed to Institute of Mental Health (IMH) last year, had revealed that the latter was given medication for schizophrenia even though he did not suffer from that ailment. Mr Boon had taken legal action against the close friend of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and former Chief Justice, Mr Yong Pung How. It was only when he proceeded with the case that he was then committed to the IMH.

There were speculations that the late Mr Lim Chin Siong, the leader of the now-defunct political party, Barisan Socialis who was imprisoned by the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) in 1963, was given drugs during his confinement. The once spirited Mr Lim came close to taking his own life whilst in prison.

In an open letter to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's former president, the late Mr Devan Nair who had a fall out with the former, said that he came under "heavy sedation from 125 mgs of valium daily" for 10 days, administered by the medical staff, enough medication to "dope an elephant".

The above cases give real cause for concern and suspicion for the enormous discomfort that Dr Chee is presently experiencing.

Dr Chee Soon Juan, Mr Gandhi Ambalam and Mr Yap Keng Ho were sentenced to prison for making a speech in public without a permit. The three men have not seen each other since they were taken into prison.

Friends from the Singapore Democratic Party have made numerous requests to the prison authorities to see Mr Yap Keng Ho. We understand that Mr Yap is on a hunger strike and we have made urgent requests to see him to ascertain his condition. The prison authorities have been cold and callous about this and have been dragging their feet on the matter.

Mr Gandhi Ambalam has a heart ailment and his family has not received news on how he is doing since the first visit to him.

Dr Chee also revealed that the Attorney General's Chambers are proceeding with the other seven charges on him and Mr Yap for the same offence that both men are now serving sentence for. Their pre-trial conference comes up on 4 January 2007.

Dr Chee and Ms Chee are to attend another pre-trial conference on the assessment of damages in the suit brought on by the Lees in the mid January 2007.

These are in addition to another trial of Dr Chee for attempting to leave Singapore without a permit. Dr Chee has to attend court on 21 December 2006, almost immediately after he is released from serving the current jail term. It seems likely that he has to serve another sentence soon after his release from the current one.

These three men are prisoners of conscience. Their incarceration is politically motivated by the ruling party, if not the Singapore Government. They have not committed any crime. They are victims of a dictatorial regime that is desperate to cling on to power.

Family and friends are extremely concerned that the authorities are trying to psychologically destabilize the men and play mind games on them to discourage them from furthering their act of civil disobedience against repressive laws in Singapore.

Although Dr Chee is not on a hunger strike, the prison authorities interpret his abstinence from taking the food they give him as such act, and will punish him by depriving him of family visits and "yard-time". The family will request to the prison authorities to allow him food brought from home.

The actions taken against Dr Chee, Mr Gandhi and Mr Yap by the Singapore Government are deplorable.

We call on our fellow Singaporeans to express their support by writing to the authorities to show their concern for the three.

To our friends in the international community, we ask that you write to the Singapore Government to visit Dr Chee, Mr Gandhi and Mr Yap to ensure that their physical and psychological conditions do not worsen during their imprisonment.

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Anonymous said...

Waliao, you expect our jail to be hotel?

Chee could have paid the fine after committing the offense. Or he could have obeyed the law.

Don't insinuate nonsense like this crab. Nobody will pity Chee, he brought this onto himself. Don't try to get extra mileage by making such unfounded accusations. It only makes Chee lose more credibility.

Most Singaporeans view Chee negatively, he has few supporters and most people who don't like the PAP don't want to have anything to do with him because he is out of touch with the ground.

Anonymous said...

The reason most people don't support chee is because they have low IQ.

SKL said...

I am not a Singaporean and I don't know who this Dr Chee is and what he stands for. Anonymous 4:32, you don't have to be so spikeful. Despite all the good work your PAP have done, little do I expect them to produce another world's first - 'A new specimen in the International Human Zoo'. If you have credibility identify yourself. You don't have to hide under your mother's skirt.

lll said...

skl, I like your phrase 'A new specimen in the International Human Zoo'. Anonymous 4:32 deserves it for shooting off his/her mouth without going through his/her brain first.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you III said. I guess Anonymous 4:32 is the product of PAP and belongs to the "Elite" with no passion & a disgrace(with his comments) to Singapore!

Overseas Singaporean

Anonymous said...

U r too kind in describing Anon 4:32 as a product of PAP and belongs to the "Elite".

That person is nothing but a PAP balls lickin' dog.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:32 may be right.

When I ask other Singaporeans about Chee, they view him negatively. He has won nothing for all his effort. Maybe there was some criticism from overseas for what happened to him, but the PAP handles those very well, the PAP is not going to lose its grip on power because of those critics.

The PAP has a plan to checkmate Chee, they are the most cunning and scheming govt in this part of the world. They can neutralise their opponents easily.

What Chee is doing is standing in front of the state machinery and getting hammered. ..and hammered again. If Singaporeans have some desire to step up and support him, they would have done so already. He has been to jail so many times.

But don't forget we are not just dealing with the PAP. We are also dealing with Singaporeans. Singaporeans are a group of people who allowed this guy called Chia Thye Poh to be detained without trial for decades becoming the longest serving detainee in the world. PAP alone cannot accomplish this, it has to be done with the complicity of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:23:00

During WWII we already have Singaporeans like that. Some people choose to go to the jungle to fight against the Japs while others prefer to work for the Japs.

There will always be good Singaporeans with a sense conscience, righteousness, fairness, justice,etc. While on the other hand we'll always have people who would sell their soul for material comfort and gains from their masters.

The question is always who would YOU want yourself to be?

Anonymous said...

aiyah, if its the Japanese occupation all over again, this generation will not be in the jungles...but learning to bow correctly. And taking Japanese tuition so to move ahead of the food queue.

Anonymous said...

didn't LKY worked for the japanese imperial army as a translator or something?

Anonymous said...

Lee was educated at Telok Kurau Primary School, Raffles Institution, and Raffles College. His university education was delayed by World War II and the 1942–1945 Japanese occupation of Singapore. During the occupation, he operated a successful black market business selling a tapioca-based glue called Stikfas.[1] Having taken Chinese and Japanese lessons since 1942, he was able to work as a transcriber of Allied wire reports for the Japanese, as well as being the English-language editor on the Japanese Hodobu (報道部 — an information or propaganda department) from 1943 to 1944.


Anonymous said...

abon 4;32 you azre a typical brain washed shitty little singaporean. in our country we have read about chee's battle with the pap. whether or not chee is being poisoned in prison, I do not know, however Nick leeson claimed he was infected with a cancer drug during his years in changi. and europeana

finally, singaporeans where similar to the swiss during ww11, either japanese or german collaboraters. and like the channel islands winston churchill surrendered singapore to the japs because the island had lsosts its value.

Anonymous said...

Diary of the night vigil VI
Johnny Hoe
29 Nov 06

It was a drizzly and cold evening at the Queenstown Remand Prison. The streets near the prison were dim and the air felt heavy. I felt heavy-hearted that three of my friends who dared to stand up to an unjust law were being punished for their beliefs and conviction.

As I approached the foreboding building, I saw from a distance a few flickering candles. These little candles did more than illuminate the damp, dark night. They warmed my heart. Then I saw three little figures running around. I looked harder and realised they were Dr Chee's three wonderful kids. It was at that point that the heaviness in my heart lightened. The sight of these innocent children playing outside the prison walls and the tiny but bright flames called up bitter-sweet emotions.

I have known Dr Chee for many years now, long before he has kids. I know that this or any other imprisonment will not deter him from speaking out against injustice. He will stand up and act for the people when no one else dares to do so. I only wish more will have such courage.

A few people whom I had not met before joined us late into the night. We met a 71 year old man walking out of the prison gate at about 8pm. He was surprised to see us there with the burning lights. We chatted. He told us that he had been sentenced to six weeks in prison for renting out a room in his flat to illegal immigrants. He had not known that they were illegal as the transaction had gone through an agent. His only folly was to have trusted the agent. He had slept on the concrete prison floor. Only a thin straw mat separated him from the sharp cold that seeped into his worn-out body.

So much for a gracious and caring society that the government has aspired Singapore to be.

Dr Chee's two year-old son and I became fast friends when he took me frog-exploring in the wet field outside the prison. He looks like a carbon copy of his father.

I'm not sure if my three friends know that we've been out there every night since Thursday waiting for them. But I do know that my being here is the least I can do to tell the government that I want freedom, justice and democracy in my country.

Keep vigil with the 3 prisoners of conscience

No Name Coward said...

Anon 4:32 has never met CSJ. Whatever he knew, he learnt from the 146th.

Forgive him, for he know not what he is saying.

Indeed, this is happening because of the complicity of Singaporeans. The educated "non-elites".

Calvin aka Yamada Shun 山田駿 said...

Singaporeans are too busy with bread-and-butter issues to bother bout freedom...

I hope he gets out soon..

lee hsien tau said...

I was given medication for schizophrenia the first time I was arrested. The day I was transferred from IMH to Queenstown, the wardens (sniggling) locked me up with Kelvin Lim, the one that Sinnathuray sentenced to 40 years for screwing 4 or 5 boys. I passed out after swallowing some white tablets. The ASP had to enter the cell and kick me awake during bodycount.

Except for that time and for the 2 days I had to swallow 3 blue tablets because traffic flow was heavy at the pharmacy (which is near the main-gate) - I think the blue one's for schizophrenia - I spit back out when no one in charge was watching (unless someone asks for it for a toothache; when someone wants it to get high I don't oblige). I can tell you, I felt like someone tied my backbone to a iron rod when I took the blue pill - I was rolling on the ground and walking like a zombie. DON'T SWALLOW WHAT THEY FEED YOU. DON'T TAKE THE VALIUM. Only accept drugs which you know are Panadol or Chlorfeniremine. Resist if someone tries to inject you. Don't go for the free dental service available.

The second time I was arrested, I simply ignored the male nurse when my name was called at IMH. That extended to when I was transferred to Queenstown.

But of course when you tell them you don't want to take and they counter-offer to inject, pretend to take and spit it out later.

Better than walk like a zombie.

educated non-elite said...

There are plenty worse prisons than Singaporean ones. Singabloodypore really isn't doing itself justice by exaggerating matters in favour of the opposition. In fact, you're undermining and giving less credibility to the opposition this way.
Chee isn't a matyr of Singapore. He hardly understands most Singaporeans and acts on behalf of 'awakening the nation'. Putting himself on a higher pedestal compared to the rest of the nation doesn't make him a national hero. Stop exaggerating matters.
'Singapore prisons are very cruel. They put you in this small room the whole day with nothing to do...' - Chee Soon Juan, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_DRoUOcupo

I'm not saying the PAP is fantastic, they have done their job all this while. Singapore needs to change of leadership now, I agree. But it's certainly not gonna be Chee, or any radical protester who obviously can't identify with the rest of the nation.

In other words: dude. time to switch tactic. it's not working.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon 4:32.
I wrote the comment that evoke so many responses.

I don't like the PAP okay. But I think what Chee is doing is a waste of time and basically useless. Why do I say it is useless?

1. What is the impact? A few critical Australian papers, a few articles in IHT. But how will it compel PAP to change? Not in 100 years.

2. Like it or not ...even if you blame it on the state controlled media. What Chee is doing looks like antics to the ordinary citizens. You can argue that it is because of the media etc. etc. But the effect is Chee is viewed with less and less credibility by ordinary Singaporeans.

3. After getting jailed 5 times, Chee has 12 people or less at the vigil. What does that say? ...Is he getting any where?

Some of you say Chee is doing the right thing. Chee is a good man. Chee is a hero. Chee is this and Chee is that. The FACT is we are under the control of the PAP, men who are not heros, men whom you associate every evil attribute. The problem is PAP knows how to gain and control the power. We need people who can break the PAP's hold on power.

To break their hold on power you must win votes. Why? Because if you win votes, you show they don't have the mandate and support of the people. The PAP is gone - the PAP is the PEOPLE'S Action Party, if they don't have the support of the people, they are gone. The very basis of the power is gone.

Some of you say the elections are unfair, no level playing field etc. Of course, the PAP will use unfair tactics. But if the PAP is so lousy, no amount of unfair tactics will work. Because no one hold your hand when you select at the polling stations. In the last elections, some of the opposition got 40+% of the votes, they are only less than 10% away from taking seats from the PAP. There are 2 guys who are able to win against the odds, it can be done.

Chee gave up on elections because he couldn't win. He couldn't overcome the odds. Don't forget he was not against elections from the beginning. He ran and lost. Then he decided to turn himself into an activist.

Although elections are not fair, I believe the best way to break the PAP's hold on power is still through the ballot. Chee's method will take longer and may never succeed. In fact, he strengthens the PAP through his 'perceived' antics because people view it negatively and don't support it.

I did not say Chee is not a good man. I did not say what he does is not heroic. But from a political strategy stand point, his strategy is poor and will strengthen the PAP govt's hold on power. It will never result in the PAP losing some power. The fact that only 12 people turn up for the vigil proves it.

I would like to add that Chee's tactics would be appropriate if there are no elections and the PAP is completely totalitarian.

Anonymous said...

So many condem Chee and his actions and say what he does and is doing is wrong and not working . Well why dont these same people put there own BALLS on the line and make the change themselves ? because they have not a qlue what or how to do different, they waffle on like so many farts in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:14: "We need people who can break the PAP's hold on power."

--> who will be able to do that? Certainly not a compliant opposition a la Workers' Party. Perhaps it needs a split within the PAP or the death of Lee Kuan Yew to break it.

Anon 6:14: "Chee gave up on elections because he couldn't win."

--> only partially true. More importantly, he has been bankrupted. He cannot run for office.

Anon 6:14:"But from a political strategy stand point, his strategy is poor and will strengthen the PAP govt's hold on power."

--> what strategy is better? getting co-opted by the elite? leaving the country? becoming a moderate opposition in parliament without a chance of making a difference?

There are two options: Either you do something to change it (as Dr. Chee) or you give up, go home or emigrate. If you play the game of the ruling elite, it amounts to supporting them and their system. One thing is sure, it will certainly make no difference.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can see, Chee is problably the only person with the guts and spirit to face the PAP bullies headon. You may mock him for his stupidity, for his straight
forward cunningless strategy , but
you can never doubt his onvictions.
A lesser man would have his spirit
broken by now and given up.
He is definitely in the same league
as Mr JB Jeyaretnam

Anonymous said...

Singaporean have low IQ and are the most stupid bunch of people in the world!

Anonymous said...

Anon 05:14:18 PM (Educated non-elite)

How to change tactics or strategies? You should aware of typical Singaporeans always complaining somethings and to blame but no actions(kiasi). We have an opportunity for a change during the last election to vote. So, I guess, this is due to the mentality of the Singaporeans even after 40 years now......still the same for the next 40 years!

mickey mouse three stones said...

well, i would say the level of politics mirrors the level of sophistication of the electorate directly.

Anonymous said...

TO ANON 4:32



Anonymous said...

It only makes Chee lose more credibility.
11/29/2006 04:32:10 AM

******> afraid not, it is papee instead - their high-handedness and ego.

The reason most people don't support chee is because they have low IQ.

11/29/2006 05:55:05 AM

******> In fact, those who have low IQ are we ourselves Singaporeans, incl. you, who are constantly being brain-washed by the papee so much so that we can't even see how repressive we are in Sg!! Wake up please. We seem to take sufferings for happiness. How stupid are you???

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have low IQ ? It is a universal knowledge that we indeed have low IQ. It is also for this reason that the PAP is able to manipulate the minds of the populace. Give them some sweets and they will smile. Threaten them and they will retreat before being beaten. Praise them a little and they think that it is true and so on and so forth.

Luckily, my IQ is very high.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Calvin, you are correct. Very few people give a shit about FREEDOM in Singapore.

Whilst I don't agree with Dr Chee on many of his points, he does have NATURAL RIGHT to speak his mind, and if he behaves PEACEFULLY (which he always has), the people who oppress him are the real villians.

The road to FREEDOM begins when people realise that they have a moral duty to defend not only their own freedom, but the freedom of others who are the victims of ARBITRARY state power. In fact, ARBITRARY state power must be limited or else the state can do whatever it likes, to whoever it likes for any concocted reason.

Whenever we let the state get away with such injustices, state power increases, and everyone, except for those in the plutocracy, suffers.

Well folks, keep on adding to the on-going cumulative process of increasing state power by not doing jack-shit when someone who so happens to piss off Lee & Co, gets hammered and made an "example" of.

Everytime Lee & Co do this, and the people are indifferent or scared, Lee & Co "win" by showing the world that they are the undisputed champions of statism, absolute power... and CORRUPTION.

In other words, the people sanction corruption, bullying, tyranny and oppression. Yessir, The People Get The Government They Desreve.

Matilah Singapura!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Calvin, you are correct. Very few people give a shit about FREEDOM in Singapore.

Whilst I don't agree with Dr Chee on many of his points, he does have NATURAL RIGHT to speak his mind, and if he behaves PEACEFULLY (which he always has), the people who oppress him are the real villians.

The road to FREEDOM begins when people realise that they have a moral duty to defend not only their own freedom, but the freedom of others who are the victims of ARBITRARY state power. In fact, ARBITRARY state power must be limited or else the state can do whatever it likes, to whoever it likes for any concocted reason.

Whenever we let the state get away with such injustices, state power increases, and everyone, except for those in the plutocracy, suffers.

Well folks, keep on adding to the on-going cumulative process of increasing state power by not doing jack-shit when someone who so happens to piss off Lee & Co, gets hammered and made an "example" of.

Everytime Lee & Co do this, and the people are indifferent or scared, Lee & Co "win" by showing the world that they are the undisputed champions of statism, absolute power... and CORRUPTION.

In other words, the people sanction corruption, bullying, tyranny and oppression. Yessir, The People Get The Government They Desreve.

Matilah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

Various anons, please face the facts, the singaporean animal is not fit to rule itself. Singapore chineses require control from the day they are delivered from their mothers wombs, to the day they die in some shitty HDB flat. they also deserve the type of political party they continue to vote for.

singaporeans are extremely easy to control because they are afraid of their own shadows, rude, brainwashed and lacking in logical IQ. although excellent in remember the right exam paper, they are incapable of performing a job which requires lateral thought.

Poor old Chee is one chap with brains, but batting a poor wicket.

finally, some time ago singapore organised four million smiles. I suggest with the problems of gastric amongst the population, your organise four million areseholes shitting. It would mek the Guiness book of records.

and say a prayer for old chee.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are lacking in logical IQ.

Read http://www.singapore-window.org/sw06/060423st.htm

Star, Malaysia
April 23, 2006

Insight Down South By Seah Chiang Nee

SINGAPOREANS are affluent, educated, but are they really survival smart?
In a world of harsher living, this question that never dies has again grabbed the public focus here with a general election less than two weeks away.

At the core of the debate: Without natural resources, the Singaporean increasingly has to depend on his own guile, not only a good education, to survive; has he got it?

It’s not a new debate. In the past decade, the Education Ministry has changed the education system to teach independent thinking and entrepreneurship to correct some fundamental defects in the average worker.

The average Singaporean is good at academic studies and works hard, but falls short on individual initiative and streetwise qualities, relying too much on the government for help.

Revisiting the debate is controversial Taiwan lawmaker Li Ao, who recently ranked Singaporeans rather lower in natural intelligence to the people in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

“Taiwanese are scoundrels, but lovable, Hong Kong people are craftier, (Chinese mainlanders are unfathomable) and Singaporeans are stupider,” he said, adding that it is partially due to genetics. The original migrants who came here from China were of “poor stock”.

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew once told Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping that the ethnic Chinese in Singapore were descendants of illiterate coolies and farmers from southern Fujian.

This had made them less able than the people of Hong Kong or Taiwan, whose ancestors were mainly businessman or technocrats.

Singaporeans could function well only as a group, not as individuals, Li told a Chinese newspaper. They would never be non-conformist or stand out above the crowd.

“If you ask me, other than Lee Kuan Yew, his son Hsien Loong, politicians aside, I can only think of a cute girl, (pop star) Stephanie Sun, there aren’t many other outstanding people. The impression that I get (of normal Singaporeans) is stupid”.

Singapore’s system, Li said, stemmed from the ancient Chinese political philosophy of legalism, which emphasised on the rule of law.

“Singaporeans do not break rules, but they also do not stand out,” he said in Mandarin.

He said Lee Kuan Yew had wanted to build a British-style democracy but because the people were not up to scratch, they only knew how to toe the line.

His report card on Singapore has shaken up the people at a time when election fever is rising, indirectly touching on a campaign issue – government control on society.

Predictably, Singaporeans have reacted angrily to the terms “stupid” and “poor genes”, dismissing them as a popularity stunt that takes no account of their successful, modern achievements. This “genetic weakness” doesn’t aptly describe today’s diverse, more mature and worldly-wise generation.

But some critics say there is some truth in what Li said, but insist that the fault lies not in genes, but in years of political and social conditioning by a top-down government.

One writer however, said: “A better word to describe the Singaporean is naïve, which comes about because of a paternalistic and rather efficient government. Everything is so structured and laid-out that the people do not need to fight for a living, blunting their ability to compete. They’re lulled into thinking the outside world also behave like Singapore.”

Businessmen from Taiwan and Hong Kong are more alert to opportunities, as well as cheats, compared to even the capable Singa-poreans, whose preoccupation is getting a high salary.

They know where to take the short cuts when faced with a problem; Singaporeans will just sit and wait for better days.

Under the Lee Kuan Yew leadership, the collective good comes before the individual, so the republic’s success is a “collective creation”, Li added.

The individual is often lost on his own. It has led some critics to ask whether the Singaporean has an original viewpoint of his own beyond what the government says.

“I won’t say we are stupid. We are just not daring and street-smart,” commented a Singaporean studying abroad. In his university, other Asian students would walk up to the microphone and talk about some cause, not the Singaporeans, he said.

Li Ao is not alone in his views. Singaporean columnist Wong Lung Hsiang said it reflected what he heard in China that “Taiwanese are shameless, Hong Kongers are heartless, Singaporeans are ignorant”.

In Greater China, law-abiding Singaporeans have long been seen as gullible.

In a commentary in November last year, Wong advised Singaporeans to treasure their own system at home, “but when you are away, you should know how to adapt to others”.

What Chinese Singaporeans have inherited from their grandparents is peasant culture, explained “peasant judge” online.

“Peasants don’t care for much else except a bowl of rice on the table, a roof over their heads, and the chance to go out to the rice fields to do the daily back-breaking chores day in day out.”

Politics, too, is affected. Almost everyone goes to the polls with his rice-bowl in mind.

It occupies the citizen’s mind a lot more than his counterparts in other countries, who are more passionate about issues like justice and equality.

“Just imagine, well-informed Singaporeans advocating a one-party rule, saying it is good for the future. If this is not stupidity, what is?’ asked redbean.

This could be a recipe for future trouble should a foreign predator one day use this character weakness to take over the country.

All he needs to do to retain the people’s compliance is by keeping their stomach full and their mind empty.