21 Nov 2006

Singapore Human Rights Lawyer M Ravi Assaulted in HongKong

First spotted on SammyBoy Forum and further follow up reports are available on Uncle Yap. Apparently M. Ravi is now safely back in Singapore. Hopefully the Singaporean or Hong Kong police can identify the attackers as soon as possible and press charges.
Time now is 1855Hr. Saturday 18.Nov.2006
I just received call from HongKong ChakLapKok Airport that Singaporean Human Rights Lawyer M Ravi had been assulted by 3 Chinese Singaporeans at the airport. The assiliants are recognizable as about 40 years age, name of one person is known.

M Ravi is injured with bruises, and he had been given threats to have Lee Kuan Yew government finishing him of when he returned to Singapore.

According to Ravi, his attackers are racist against Indians, and that also being the basis of the attack.

Another Chinese Singaporean traveling with Ravi had not been assulted. The assult just happened 15 mins ago.

Police at HongKong airport had been reported to, and I will report to Singaporean Police and Changi Airport. Updates will follow.

M Ravi was acting in my defence against charges under Public Entertainment & Meeting Act, on the 3rd day of my trial he got suspended from bar by The Court of Appeal. My trial began on 25.Oct.06.


Ghormax said...

I wish M Ravi god speed and hope he'll be fine soon! Please keep us updated!

Ashamed said...

The attackers are cowards !

We hope that the authorities in HK and Singapore have arrested the cowardly culprits.

Let us watch what happens to these despicable attackers.

Anonymous said...

they must be the, worlds biggest coward's (the hatched man)slaves