23 Nov 2006

Blogger - UncleYap Begins Hunger-Strike

UncleYap Already Began Hunger-Strike
Commence at midnight right now, I begin my hunger-strike against corrupted Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime. This strike will last until I announce otherwise. My plans had been anounced on my blog months ago, basically unchanged.

The strike is not just against politically motivated 17 charges against 3 of us for speeches, it is a general protest against a big series of corrupted oppressions and cheatings in General Election 2006.

* Nation Vote Buying via Progress Package distributing total of S$2.6 billion to voters just 5 days before polling day.
* Series of stinking defamation suits against Singapore Democratic Party & The New Democrats publication.
* Police Harrassments against Singapore Democratic Party election campaign and The New Democrats' sale.
* Corrupt Practises Investigation Bureau refused to probe nationwide Vote Buying, upon my report.
* Arresting of Workers' Party's candidate Mr. James Gormes.
* Election Department refusing to accept cash deposit, in collusion to fabricate excuese to dismiss Election Judge's hearing of Vote Buying & Election Corruption.
* 17 charges against Singapore Democratic Party election campaign accusing us of Speech Without License.
* Pressing Stinking Bankruptcy Suits against Singapore Democratic Party, & Chee Siok Chin.
* Cowardly bankrupting Dr Chee Soon Juan jsut before election aiming to prevent his campaigning during election.
* Cowardly baned Internet Blogs and Podcasting During Election.
* Cowardly trying to prevent police evidence video of election campaign from being accessed by public.

All the aboves are just to for covering up corrupted crimes and scandals of Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime, which had been exposed by Singapore Democratic Party; The New Democrats; the 3 walk-about and meet-the-people preambulators of Singapore Democratic Party including myself; and recorded within the police video recording which is now an evidence in court. Crimes and scandals such as:

* Nation Vote Buying via Progress Package distributing total of S$2.6 billion to voters just 5 days before polling day.
* National Kidney Foundation Scandals
* Investing tax payer's money in Myanmar in close connection with drug criminal syndicate of Lo Shing Han family
* Collusion with Thailand's corrupted Thaksin family
* Profiteering via world's highest ministerial salaries
* Maintaining a famiLEE feudal LEEgime which father's political power is succeeded by son in violation of Republic Constitution

My strike is to bring awareness and make political statement, and remind Singaporeans to fight against corrupt famiLEE LEEgime, to punish corrupted criminal particularly from the famiLEE. To remove shameful corrupt practises. To retain national pride and integrity for our children and future citizens. I will call off my hunger-strike at moment deem fit by myself.

Most of my hunger-strike is expected to take place within Queens Town Remand Prison.

Activists may gather and stage civil actions outside prison during our imprisonment such as candle lighting. Supporters are encorage to attend the court sentencing on 23.Nov.2006 at court 18 of Subordinate Court.

As SDP's web had been hacked today, Internet activist are asked to mirror and download then re-post the site, and remind internet community to observe alternate blogs such as:


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Devine said...

SO hows the hunger strike going?