9 Nov 2006

These mata Videos Are MURDER WEAPONS?

From News Release by UncleYap
These mata Videos Are MURDER WEAPONS?
I promised the judge who would be sending me to jail that I would state on this blog that I am posting evidence video here to seek witness to assist my own defence. :-) So witnesses of Chong Pang Village, if these video reminded your memory of SDP's GE2006 activites on SATURDAY 22.April.2006 at Chong Pang Market, pse come forward to testify in court. :-)

The famiLEE LEEgime had so far wanted tried their best to prevent the world from seeing the contents of these videos, which highlighted a collection of the worst scandals of famiLEE LEEgime, including NKF; Vote-Buying; Drug-Money Investment; Money Laundry; Thaksin; Minister Salaries etc.

famiLEE LEEgime is doing so, by deny all our applications of public speech license except for election rallies, they sent matas to film us, and harrassed us many dozens of times when we go meet the people and exposed their scandals by speech and by selling SDP The New Democrats publishing these scandals. They sued SDP, also trying to prevent this publications from spreading. They took us to court for speeches also for the same reason. Then in this trial, they changed their mind about using these videos as evidence, trying very hard not to give us a copy of these videos, and then try to threaten me to remove them from my blog here. All that, are consistant series of actions trying to prevent scandals from spreading out by us.

In the court hearing the government prosecutor compared this video using the example of a MURDER WEAPON, to argue that is why it can not be duplicated to be given to defense for fair preparation of trial.

I told DPP Lee in court that, yes indeed, these videos will kill famiLEE LEEgime likea MURDER WEAPON :-)

Video from evidence P10 - tape 1
Video from evidence P11 - tape 2

Video filmed by Scene Of Crime Officer Goh Wee Siong of Ang Mo Kio mata division on 22.Apr.2006 when his rank was CPL then. Few month after filming this his rank had been promoted to SGT.

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