24 Nov 2006

Keep vigil with the prisoners of conscience

From the Singapore Democrats website

Supporters will keep vigil with the three democracy advocates, Mr Gandhi Ambalam, Dr Chee Soon Juan and Mr Yap Keng Ho, who have been jailed for speaking without a permit.

We will be present outside the Queenstown Remand Prison overnight from 23 Nov (Thursday) to 30 Nov (Thursday) from 7 pm to 12 am midnight.

Please come and join us if you want to show your support for the 3 prisoners of conscience, and the cause of freedom of speech and democracy in Singapore.

Bring along your family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Please do not twist fact to your own advantage. While I am supportive of the spirit of liberty in which Dr Chee is acting (though not necessarily supportive of all his actions per se), the three democracy advocates are not being jailed for speaking without a permit, but are being jailed for not being man enough to pay the lawfully imposed fines.

It's all well and good to demonstrate and be civilly disobedient to prove a point, if the point deserves proving (and I believe this one does), but not being willing to take responsibility for that disobedience and facing the lawful and legal consequences of those actions is plain cowardice.

Anonymous said...

Why should it be an offence to speak in offence in the first place?Did the 3 men seriously injure you or your kins when the
"committed those offences"?
In most democratic countries, and
even in some controlled dictatorships, such thing are a common happenings. Are our laws fair to the common man or are they there to perpetuate the power of the regime?

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech in Singapore is not allowed. The likes of ketsugi abounds in this land. Thus, the sorry state of affair in this country.

Petra said...

The punishment meted out (for speaking in public without a licence) by the courts were the of paying SGD5000 or being jailed for said perid.

Firstly, the 3 SDP members are choosing to be jailed, which is one alternative out of the 2 punishments. How is it cowadice again? You reckon jail is an easier way out to say dishing out cash? You can't be that daft.

Plus, did you ever wonder how ridiculous it is to be sent to jail just for speaking up on issues that are honest,real and reflective on the current status quo of our country?

Where a sane society would applaude those who look beyond their own selfish comforts of life to feel and speak for the predicaments the poor the minority and the disabled, the Singapore government crushes the spirit and concern of these individuals by gagging public debate in fear that these issues would render the opposition credibility.

Secondly, (like the above comment stated) why is speaking in public and addressing the common man such a huge offence in the first place? Why is it people have to keep applying public speaking permits from the governing bodies who are adament about refusing one?

In their refusals are we meant to just keep our silence? There is clearly an obvious manupilation of power on the side of the PAP but we unable to give voice to these concerns. This is because proper channels such as the media and unions to air these issues are all under the control of the PAP.

These are serious matters of public interest. Thus these men and women of the opposition have stood up despite the staggering odds.

I say hear thee, hear thee.

Anonymous said...

Those people are criminals. They have broken the law and now paying the price. We Singaporeans have better things to do like going to VivoCity and spending our progress package.

These people deserve to be jailed for speaking in public without a license. They knew the law and broke it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 03:21:35
I hope the authorities passes law that states it is unlawful to speak to your mother. This law than must be right and just because in your mind it is pass down as law by the authorities.

Or besides speaking in public, I like to see the authorities pass down a law that states you need a license to laugh in public. You will then have to obey it because by your interpretation that's the law and must obeyed.

I really these happen. I really do. I want to see how you feel about "LAWS" Laws must be right, just and uphold justice.

antipathy said...

quite clearly anon3:21 IS BEING sarcastic. hello, anyone home?

Anonymous said...

ketsugi and anon, you are a couple of typical singapore cunts. the time has come for the international commercial world to take a fcresh look atr whether or not singapore is a safe place to run a company.
Here in the US, the Washington Post has suggested companies must now consider pulling out. As a democrat I feel the singapore imprisoning of three political enemies of the PAP for talking in public is the last straw.