3 Jul 2006

To Adsense or Not to Adsense

The new Adsense in the side bar was prompted by a recent interview I gave to the Business Times in Singapore and the desire to make a few bob. I imagine however that no company in Singapore will be willing to take up the offer.

Why have you refrained from putting up ads/sources of revenue on your blog?
Not an anti-commercial stance but more to do with not being aware of companies or educational establishments willing to align their brand with a site that can be politically controversial. The demographics of the readership would require a Singaporean based target market in order to be a practical endeavour.

Engaging in politics in Singapore is seen by many as a risky endeavour with few material gains to be made unless you align your opinion to that of the dominant party.

Individual Singaporeans seem to be less risk adverse than Singaporean companies.

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Anonymous said...


Adsense is all well and good, even though you don't have enough of a niche topic to attract directed ads (served ads of a specific type; generic ads don't perform as well).

But your design has some serious CSS styling issues, especially your single page. I'd suggest fixing it or just using a different template.