18 Jul 2006

Indignation 2006


First spotted on Mr Wang.Yawning Bread has been busily organising Singapore's gay pride season for 2006.

Almost all events are open to everybody, with free admission. However, there are a few events where admission rules may apply. For these exceptions, please see Admission guidelines.

The chair, organiser or a lead person at each event will announce the house rules regarding electronic recording at the start of each event. It is our policy to be as liberal as possible, but there may be certain events where being too liberal undercuts the mood of the event.

Many events are held at Theatreworks - who have very kindly given us use of their ample space for 2 weeks. More information on its location and bus services to the locality can be found in Getting to Theatreworks.

Reviews will be added after each event.
The above calendar is subject to change and additions

Here are 8 pictures from last year’s Pride Month: Glimpses of IndigNation 2005