8 Jul 2006

Singabloodypore on Your Mobile Phone

Mobile URL:

Put the address [winksite.com/singabloody/moblie] on your wap enabled phone and read Singabloodypore on the move.

WINKsite's feed aggregation service provides 100% fresh access to site feeds from any web-enabled phone. No learning curve here, in under a minute you're on your way.

About WINKsite
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singabloodypore (ID #8071)

Singabloodypore has a WINKsite ID. It is the quickest way to navigate to Singabloodypore before you have bookmarked it on your mobile phone. Launch your mobile Web Browser and enter the URL "winksite.com". Once at WINKsite, click "Direct Access", then click "Site by ID", then enter the WINKsite ID for the site you wish to visit. The WINKsite ID for "singabloodypore" is #8071.

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