31 Jul 2006

North Korea's Foreign Minister makes official visit to Singapore

Foreign minister of totalitarian state visits authoritarian state. Trying to bring North Korea in from the cold or hoping to get in on a few economic deals? Something tells me it will have more to do with economics.

The totalitarian state also stands accused of systematic human rights abuses. Reports of torture, public executions, slave labour, and forced abortions and infanticides in prison camps have emerged. A US-based rights group has estimated that there are up to 200,000 political prisoners in North Korea [NOT Singapore of course]. BBC

North Korea's Foreign Minister makes official visit to Singapore
SINGAPORE : North Korea's Foreign Minister Paek Nam Sun, will make an official visit to Singapore from 31 July to 3 August at the invitation of Foreign Minister George Yeo.

A Singapore Foreign Ministry statement says this will be the first official visit by Mr Paek in his capacity as Foreign Minister.

While in Singapore, Mr Paek will call on President S R Nathan, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, and Foreign Minister George Yeo.

The delegation will also visit the National University of Singapore and JTC Corporation. - CNA/ms


soci said...

I wonder if the National University of Singapore students will be holding demonstrations calling for an end to tyranny in North Korea? Just joking of course.

teck soon said...

The Lee family's grip on government in Singapore has lasted almost as long as the Kim family's in N. Korea. The Singaporean people and their elected government, in allowing this visit, show that they have no values, no ideals, no compassion for fellow human beings. Perhaps Singapore's leaders will score some behind-the-scenes economic deal that will make them a little bit wealthier; that wealth is earned through the sweat and beatings of slave labourers in North Korean prison camps. With so many of the government leaders in Singapore being Christians, where is mercy and compassion? Or does greed and lust of gold really rule this country? The Bible says that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God. With LKY's years advancing toward the needle, does he ever stop and think?

Anonymous said...

come come; pay some attention to the bush dynasty, or the coming clinton dynasty; at least north korea did not invade Iraq or Lebanon, nor did singapore

since you started on the bible, jesus wanted people to abandon their worldly possessions and follow him, because heave n is near and people need to repent; if you take this literally...

Matilah_Singapura said...

No need to jump at shadows. N Korea is an economic basket case, and apparently no one will help them, for quite valid reasons: no one wants to "strengthen" KJ Ill's tyranny.

N Korea's totalitarianism and non-market socialist (communist) economy killed many possibilities for wealth production, necessary for human life, and diverted much of the resources to boosting military powress.

No one wants war in Asia. I suspect all that chest beating and recent sabre rattling by N Korea was more "show than go". There is no way that country will survive any fight it attempts to start, and my guess is it *will be nuked* (using tactical nukes) by you-know-who if it doesn't "settle down" and sober up.

My guess is that N Korea's leaders have decided that the market economy is the way to go, and that peace is much more beneficial in the long run than plans for war.

Asian states have had their patience tested for over 50 years now. The recent "outbursts" by N Korea probably crossed the line.

I think the S'pore visit is more a "face saving" move to acquire the know-how to do business in the 21st century. They can't go to Japan, they won't go to S Korea. China's decided to distance itself (at least that's what it looks like—who knows? It may be smoke and mirrors)

...and so they come the "The Switzerland Of Asia"—"neutral" Singapore. Open for business 24/7/365.

And why not? 400 years ago Adam Smith wrote, The Wealth of Nations.

One fundamental thng about doing business or trading to mutual benefit, is that (the two) parties have to put ideological differences aside and seek out "the common good"—which are the necessary actions taken by both sides in a deal toward the mutual increase in wealth. "You profit, I profit", or as it is know these days "Win-win".

On one hand I am against state intervention in any economy, but realistically N Korea is statist to the core, and Singapore is relatively statist compared to say, Hong Kong or to use an extreme example—medieval Ireland (before the English conquest). BUT what we do have now is global markets, which are charateristically anarchic, which is EXCELLENT for trade. (no regulation between the world's states. Regulation occurs only territorially within states)

I'm cutting them a little slack—see what happens. To me, anything which increases the wealth of the N Korean people is a good. Let them decide for themselves when they'd change their political system. If their state continues down the road of militarism, everyone LOSES.

soci said...

Sadly something tells me that your view that "anything which increases the wealth of the N Korean people is a good." Would be great if it wasn't for the more likely situation that a few minions at the top will increase their own personal wealth, transfer it to Singapore and then visit sg regularly - Indonesia style economics at it best.

Anonymous said...

singapore gives scholarships to students from china and other regional countries; they are required to work for 6 years in singapore after graduation; north korea might be coming into the scheme

Anonymous said...

To me, more like Singapore wants to act like middle-man again!

LKY probably thinks his wisdom is needed to settle the North Asia conflicts when everyone else has failed.

teck soon said...

To anonymous above - I think it is convenient to excuse the actions of tyrants and dictators by implying that "at least" they are not as bad as Bush. I certainly agree that there are many very sad problems in the world, but the actions of one bad leader do not excuse the actions of another. I am using this forum to voice my disapproval of Singapore hosting a visit from a regime running concentration camps and slave labourers. I also like complaining about Bush, but I don't need to do it here - Americans do it regularly in their mainstream printed press. We are all here to discuss Singapore, precisely because we can't do it in the open press. When I make comments here, I intentionally try to be hard-hitting, bringing up forbidden topics such as religion, to compensate for the docility of mainstream political discourse in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Singapore likes to make friends with rogue nations. Myanmar is another country where Singapore is very happy to have as a business partner.

Anonymous said...

when it comes to making money, singapore will climb up any countries ass to make an extra buck. morality does not feature in this Islands doings.

it is evident singapore is happy to back North Korea.

it is also evident singapore has developed a dislike to israel, probably something to do with keep the local muslims happy.

the whole show stinks.

Anonymous said...

is there money in north korea and myanmar? so you approve of what israel has been doing lately?

the sacked ST journalist refuses to give up ranting... now back to the PAP spy who destroyed SDP...

Anonymous said...

anon, please take a look at your futile comments.

Who ever the so called sacked ST journalist is, he has posed a question.

The Israel problem will never go away. The jewish state has had it's back against the call since the day of the states inception.

Wsith enemies on all border, OK Egypt, however, you cana trust the country are on speaksing terms with TelAviv. The remainder spends their time howling for jewish blood.

no wonder israel is one vast army, anon have you ever heard of the words self protection?

whether you like the fact or not, jews possess an immensely strong financial strangle hold over the world.

Take a look at the USA, most of the money is jewish money. The same in London.

Whoever singapore trades with is of no world importance.

However that little country must play it's card straight religiously with Islamic factions on every border.

So while Israel is threatened, they will always attack and defend.

Money means power, and Israel has the power.

Anonymous said...

that's right; singapore should make money in any way it can; see, singapore has your approval, the sacked ST journalist

in the mean time, north korea wants to send students to singapore where they can learn about Israeli military hardware...

Anonymous said...

anon, you seem to have mental problems, i trust you are a singaporean.

Matilah_Singapura said...

soci said: >> >Would be great if it wasn't for the more likely situation that a few minions at the top will increase their own personal wealth<<

Of course. That could very well happen. That possibility is always present in totalitarian regimes.

But like I said, I'm willing to cut the buggers a little slack and see how it turns out.

Russia, China and the Cold War Countries all reformed their political economies, perhaps N Korea will follow suit?

As far as "corruption" goes, every government and political system form the year dot has been corrupt. There can never be politics without corruption. As long as the individual is subjugated to something like a "state", and collectivism takes hold, it is going to be corrupt—regardless of Bills Of Rights, or Constitutions, or "checks and balances" or democracy or theocracy or monarchy or whatever. They are all, and will continue to be corrupt.

...but, here;s the good news: as an individual it is still possible to "pursue one's happiness", if you have some sort of MARKET happening.

Once the people increase their wealth on an individual basis, they increase their freedom to choose, and the first thing they normally choose is their politica system and its leaders... such that...

"They get the government they deserve".

Always. Without fail.

Anonymous said...

>you seem to have mental problems, i trust you are a singaporean

wrong on both counts; I just have problem taking ranting seriously

you can go to


to find out about my views

Anonymous said...

anon, i am afraid your ideas are warped. take a look at the history of israels inception to understand what I mean.

a country with enemies on every
every must live on a knife edge, and be ready to defend itself.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 11:30 said >>LKY probably thinks his wisdom is needed to settle the North Asia conflicts when everyone else has failed.<<

I don't know whether it is an LKY initiative, but I do know this: all "problems" are opportunities.

Think about it. Everytime a "problem" was solved, people "won" and increased their "happiness".

"Where there's a mess, there's money!"

Anonymous said...

>history of israels inception to understand what I mean

I know what you mean, but maybe you need to learn to see the point of view of the palestinians

in any case, which is your main enemy? you seem to be upset at many parties

Anonymous said...

Sg top leaders, esp minilee, BG Yeo, etc seem to have some traits of communistic minds. if they ever try to turn sg into a communist country, we, singaporeans, better watch out for their motivation. we shall have no hesitation to kick these sg top leaders out of the country.

Anonymous said...

more barking up the wrong tree

singapore already uses many leninist methods to organize the society, especially its educated elite; this is completely compatible with a market economy, in which many state owned companies engage in competition, or sibling rivalry

since singaporeans have not "kicked these sg top leaders out" in the past, they largely accept the methods

Anonymous said...

anon 1.15

"more barking up the wrong tree"??? in terms of human rights abuse, etc.

lee hsien tau said...

Risking Death and Dismemberment: Court Date with Destiny

Summons to an accused person

Dated this 4th day of July, 2006 (funny it wasn't stuck on the door until more than 2 weeks later)

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Charge No: TC-007025-2006

Criminal Procedure Code (Cap 68) Section 158-160


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You are hereby required to appear on the 3rd day of August, 2006 at 6.00pm in person before the Subordinate Court No. CT 26N at Singapore and you are hereby warned that if you shall, without just excuse, neglect or refuse to appear on the said date, a Warrant may be issued to compel your attendance.

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3) Not taking into account other non-recoverable debt owing to Singtel, Starhub and M1.
4) Telling the MP Low Meng See in 3 visits but seeing his face only once, just before the election - so I was surprised to learn that somebody was privileged to sock MP Seng Hang Thong in the face - but not getting the message through, only to find him off the radar screen after the election.
5) Is it an offence to be poor and jobless?

At the time I'm due to appear in court, Dr Chee Soon Juan and Ms Chee Siok Chin's application
to challenge the constitutionality of the summary judgment for the very simple reason that it does not allow for a trial to take place, the Courts scheduled the application to be heard not only on the same day but at the same time as the summary judgment - 3 August 2006 at 10 am, would be known.

Anonymous said...

lee hsien tau has taken to spamming.

Mr.Wang has deleted his unnecessary posts.I think soci will do the same.

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