21 Jul 2006

New tracking system promises to cover all of Singapore

Originally spotted on i-speak

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans will soon be able to trace almost everything, from loved ones to company property, once a new tracking system is launched later this year.

The makers say the system promises complete coverage of Singapore.

The Track and Trace system is designed to trace signals using a satellite program called Global Positioning System and the GSM mobile phone system.

The tracking device is imbedded into a mobile phone.

People who want to find where the user is just has to call in the company's operation centre.

The users will need to enter their pin in their mobile phone menu. Once registered, the mobile phone signal will appear on screen at the operation centre.

Another home monitoring device aimed at worried parents allows subscribers to see real time pictures inside their homes using certain 3G phones.

After logging on, pictures are beamed over broadband internet to a standard mobile phone account from one or more cameras in the home.

The system costs from $10 a month while a camera is more than $500.

However, the system's maker Cisco knows it is more than just an electronic system it is selling.

"It is peace of mind. I don't know what is happening there. I lift open my phone and see what's happening there. You can use it in the home, you can even use it if you're a owner of a small antique a shop to see what your sales person is doing in the shop. Is the person on the line, talking on the telephone or serving a customer? You flip open the phone you know what's happening," said Paul Chong, CEO, Cisco.

Cisco aims to have the Track and Trace product on the market by October. - CNA /dtI share Gayle's sentiments here. This is downright creepy.

Note to my friends: If any of you subscribes to this, I am cutting you off. And I am not even kidding.


Matilah_Singapura said...

At least they've kept it voluntary.

Great piece of tech for parents. Keep them kids in line!

No, sorry CISCO, you don't get my ten bucks...

jOlYnNN said...

certainly not mine too... i'll be damn disappointed if it is well received in the corporate sphere. *shake head*

I guess it can better put in use at other areas eh? theft prevention? break in? coupling with Cisco alarm.. Better than perceptively locking us behind the prisons... fully guarded..

Szez said...

I see a lot of potential profits to be made from the technology because of the obvious security reasons, but it is also very susceptible to abuse by prying employers that don't know where to draw the line in supervising the workplace or at home (where maids are concerned...). It borders on infringement of privacy, and do we really want another controvesy resulting from ugly Sg'rean behaviour?

They better have super strict guidelines on where and how many cameras are installed, as well as who has access to the device...

Matilah_Singapura said...

>>"It borders on infringement of privacy, and do we really want another controvesy resulting from ugly Sg'rean behaviour?"<<

No it doesn't, because it is voluntary. even if you are "forced" to carry a trackable mobile, just toss it in the bin :-)

Tracking and tracing have benefits—especially for property crimes.

Also, for older folks who like to wander around and because of their reduced faculties (or medication) often lose their way. Poor dears like their freedom, and hate being chaperoned. So they wander off and get lost.

As far as I'm concerned, companies have every right to track their employees during paid-for working hours—with the proviso: as long as tracking (or drug testing...etc) has been agreed to beforehand. No one is forced to work for any particular company.

BTW you can have fun with this and really F* UP Cisco: obtain the offending phone or whatever device (small one) and strap it to a stray cat. Too cruel for you? No problem. Just hide it in a high milage vehicle—like a taxi, lorry, delivery truck etc.

Then enjoy a modern installment of the "Keystone Cops". Best fun you can have for $10 a month! :))

wert said...

I am already a little freaked that my HP actually shows my location as in now. I am a M1 subsciber and the profiles clearly shows my location and will changed as I took a bus.

Anonymous said...

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the murderous children said...

wert, me too! thought maybe i'd been imagining things.

it even shows which floor i'm on sometimes. and as you mentioned, the screen will also change accordingly when in transit.

every now and then however, the thing gets the address wrong. or is a little off.

Anonymous said...

Big Brother is coming...

gayle said...

You guys are freaking kidding me.

Your M1 phones show your location?

Maybe you could drop me an e-mail at la_seule_raison@yahoo.fr and tell me the details.


Anonymous said...

wonderful from today, a module must be stuck up the anus of every child born on the island so the authorities can track the movements.

this will allow a wonderful new system of taxation;ie just how any times you shit a day, how many hours you sleep a day. how many hours you are awake a day; so you tax breathing, shitting and sleeping also how many minutes do you spend shagging a day, this could be useful to tax sexual movements.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! we are another step closer the perfect world of George Orwell's 1984. Our govt would be delighted with this latest technology

clyde said...

Anonymous said:
Big Brother is coming...

Big Brother is already here. He's just putting up more decor on the Christmas tree.

I think this technology however definitely has more benefits than cons. I agree companies reserve the right to track your movements during working hours. It's no different from cctv cameras at the work place.

With regards to concerns over privacy invasion, the article mentions the gps device needs to be embedded into the phone and obviously with the owner's consent. So unless your rich daddy or mommy bought you your new Motorola Pebble, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

You might notice that your location is sometimes displayed on your phone screen. But the information is only related to what cell you are in based on which antenna your phone is receiving primary reception from. It does not pin point your exact location or differentiate which road you are on. Having said that, Im aware phone companies are able to triangulate your position but that probably wouldn't be feasible for a customer base in the thousands or even hundreds.

Anonymous said...

Bye bye privacy, I really love you.

It can be a good piece of technology in written sense, but whether it will be exploited is the question.

It reminds me of the SARS quarantine camera deployed in one's home, as to keep track of them.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You guys are panicking for nothing.

The beauty about technological gee-whiz gizmos is that it a mega fun to HACK them and fuck up the works. :-)

It's funny how you folks get your knickers in such a twist, here's why:

The state FORCES an "official" id on you at age 11-12years, called an NRIC, or IC for short.

Key point: you didn't ask for it, you didn't willingly buy it, it was FORCED on you. You are FORCED to accept it. Got that? Good.

Now right throught your life you are required to take good care of your IC. If you LOSE it, you are FINED, and you must make a STATUTORY DECLARIATION—all this hassle for something you never, ever CHOSE freely to own.

If you destroy or "deface" your IC, you are breaking the law, and could be jailed (or killed if you resist arrest with enough zeal and vigour)... all for something that you never chose, but was FORCED upon you.

At least with this chip, you are given the choice—you must consent to have it.

Of course they're not worried. They've got you by the IC. And look out, there'll be retinal and DNA databases soon, but for the moment that THUMBPRINT (the original biometric device) will do just fine.

Matilah_Singapura said...





"---[ 2 - Why?

The onslaught of cheap GPS based navigation (or hidden tracking devices)
over the past few years has made it necessary for the typical citizen to
take up the fine art of electronic warfare.

Several companies[2] now sell "hidden" GPS based tracking devices which
mount inside or underneath your vehicle. Some transmit the coordinates,
via cellular phone, of your vehicle's present and/or past locations for
weeks at a time without battery changes or court orders!"

Source: (DIY) Low Cost and Portable GPS Jammer

"Jamming Transmitter for GPS/GLONASS Satellite Navigation Receivers

Function - Disrupts correct measurement of geographic coordinates by satellite navigation receivers"

Source: Russian made GPS Jammer

Disclaimer: Posted for info and general interest purposes only. I am not encouraging anyone to obtain, build or use such devices.

Anonymous said...

This has been around Malaysia, a not so First World Country for the past two years at least. Can't Singapore grow up but just keeps getting older?