11 Jul 2006

The Brown Freedom Movement

From Sammyboy, where I first saw the flashmob announcement for MrBrown.

Join the Brown Freedom Movement

1. Wear Brown (anytime any place you like)
2. Look out for others wearing brown
3. Smile and shout "So say we all"

Get to know the person if he/she shout back. It's really fun as I personally got to know 4 new friend this morning.

We have decided to extend this movement till Nation Day.

This is a free will, open source, One-to-One freedom movement based on the colour brown. It only take a spark to get the fire going. The spark has started, will you past it on? You are free to decide.

Freedom releases the creativity in free citizens.

We are free citizens of Singapore.
We live in a free nation.
All dictators & corrupts should be remove from our land of freedom.

Those who agree and willing to take part, please sign in.


Anonymous said...

Nice game you created. I feel like I'm a resistance member living in an oppressed nation. Really great simulation.

clyde said...

In other news, police force changes uniform colour to brown.

clyde said...

And their reply would be "Gotcha!"...

soci said...

nice one clyde.

and anon - are you a 'resistance member' living in an oppressed nation. Or are you just living in an oppresive state?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Good stuff. I'll be wearing brown today. Who knows? Might even meet an interesting female or three... :-)

This might even be a market opportunity here for you budding entrepreneurs. Quickly, get on the email and tell that manufacturer in Shenzen to send a shipment of brown clothing...

Capitalism rocks, dudezz

Anonymous said...

mr.brown was a double tragedy; first, it shows serious political discussion gets no audience but jokers do; second, it shows even jokers cross OB markers and cannot be tolerated in the system

Anonymous said...

Crazy, the police are looking for the 30 ppl and arrest them ! Freedom doesnt exists in singapore unless the LEEs die.

Anonymous said...

For those who took part in the slient demonstration, please kindly go to your nearest neighbour police post and make a short statement. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

to anon: "Freedom doesnt exists in singapore unless the LEEs die.

Categorically untrue. "Freedom" is never free, it, like everthing of value, has a price, and requires resources, and a correct allocation of resources.

Even if you lived in the jungle, you're not free until you figure out how to.

Have you considered the alternative scenario? What if things get WORSE after Lee dies?

All the systems of oppression are in place and they are legal—i.e.protected by law.

Who is to say that they won't be abused to the max?

sinsling said...

"All the systems of oppression are in place and they are legal—i.e.protected by law.

Who is to say that they won't be abused to the max?"

Great point. Which, imho, is more likely to happen than not. Especially if the only way to attract new blood to the party is by guranteeing their success - you have chosen people with personal motives foremost. I would opine that these people are more likely to abuse any system to their advantage.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Considering the "property rights as the basis of liberty":

Citizens have had their property rights usurped for decades now.

The people who create legislation also create the legislation for how govt funds itself. i.e. they pass laws relating to govt and ministerial pay scales, how much each department, stat board or GLC gets etc. and the govt is well and truly involved in global business—like a giant diversified corporaton, with very little checks and balances or transparency.

Couple this with the (terrible) Westminister system of Parliamentary Democracy—a system most people fallaciously believe that is "fair and just". Take this for example: in Singapore parliament can, if they so choose, vote everyone's rights away, and there is no way for the oppressed people to appeal or repeal or repel the tyranny except by acts of MASSIVE civil disobedience.