14 Jul 2006


With the National Day rapidly approaching I thought it might be a good idea and a chance to make a few dollars by giving you the dissenting reader the ability to opt out of the yearly PAP celebrations.

Click the image above or to the right to be taken to the Singabloodyshop and purchase the item that you like best and contribute one dollar to Singabloodypore.

If enough money is donated I intend to get off blogspot and find a host server.


Matilah_Singapura said...


Welcome to the global market economy :)

Well done. Capitalism makes dreams happen.

clyde said...

Oh man, for a moment I thought we had a proud online shop of our own... full of dissident apparel like the Gomez or White Elephant shirts. It's a great idea, but in my opinion, the stuff looks better with just the SBP logo i.e. without the rest of the blog content.

*Witty caption optional.