30 Mar 2006

Upgrading should be a separate issue from the General Election

To: The Secretary-General of the People's Action Party

We are concerned about the linking of public housing upgrading and estate renewal programmes to electoral support for the PAP in a constituency.

The prioritisation of upgrading programmes should be based on sound criteria and be kept a separate issue from the general election.

These are the reasons:

1) In selecting a precinct for upgrading, the age and condition of the estate and the flats should be foremost considerations. As national agencies, the HDB and the MND have the responsibility to improve the living environment of all Singaporeans.

2) Residents in the opposition wards are fellow citizens and they contribute to this country just like you and me. It is against national cohesion and irresponsible for the government to alienate them by denying them of upgrading programmes and public amenities in their constituencies. The people of Singapore certainly have not entrusted the PAP government to misuse public funds to advance its self-interests.

3) It is important not to turn our parliamentary elections into local council contests. The government should be elected based on their policies and plans for Singapore - not municipal issues. To intimidate voters with withholding upgrading programmes seems to suggest that the ruling party is trying to avoid serious debates on national policies.

The elected government of the day should work for and together with all Singaporeans transcending political factions. The provision of upgrading programmes and public amenities must not be dominated by narrow party self-interests.

We, the undersigned, request that the vote in a general election not be linked to upgrading programmes.


The Undersigned

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Anonymous said...

i wld remind PAP that PM Goh made a national promise in 2005 to ALL singaporeans, regardless of political belief.


2. Providing for needs of older Singaporeans

5. Promise to Singaporeans
a. We are one people together
b. Growth and prosperity is for all Singaporeans to share
c. Provided you work hard and help yourself, we will help you to succeed
d. We will progress together, and not leave anyone behind

then i will draw an anology with the upgrading programme.

PAP is like the only doctor with the resources to do upgrading ( the medication).

There is a queue of patients waiting for to see PAP for the medication.
there is an elderly patient( Potong Pasir) with the worst symptons (SM Goh calls it 1950s syndrome)

Does the good Dr PAP deny the most deserving patient of medication because it is not your regular customer? Don't forget Potong Pasir pays all taxes and fees required for the medication.

do u keep lettting less urgent cases jump queue in front of Mr Potong Pasir? how long must the elderly Mr Potong Pasir wait?

i think the Government has a moral obligation to EQUALLY consider the needs of all Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

I fully support. Be it they belong to the oppo parties, they are still the citizens of sg and are also contributing to the economics, paying taxes,etc.

Why must they be discriminated by way of upgrading projects and infrastructure, for eg my experience and observation in Hougang, which I mentioned in another posting below.

jOlYnNN said...

Ahh... this is where i should find my recent queries about Potong Pasir's issues.

Recently, I've been wondering who would be financing the upgrading works in Potong Pasir (if there is).

And on what criteria will they be eligible for upgrading? (dun think they've upgraded b4 rite?)

Bukit Panjang have gotten their upgrading work done recently rite?
Hence, i wondered again, if they got the necessary financing, when will be potong pasir chance?

I'm a Singaporean but i'm still baffled with wat an election will do to us (citizens). Previously, this is wat i tot so, through their election campaign and the reason why i should choose PAP is because;


I guess its very much commercialised or mayb my brain is commercialised? :D

Potong Pasir seems to be (or potrayed by govt) that they are a minority in SG. Being neglected.. If I'm wrong, could someone enlighten? :D

soci said...

I notice there is a spoiler on the petition - some people have nothing better to do, or maybe they get paid.

Matilah_Singapura said...

All political democracies are populist movements.

If politicians can't buy votes (with the state's money of course), what is the point of elections?

rench00 said...

see my blog for my comments...

Anonymous said...

Wait until the day...
When all citizens will be required to wear PAP or opposition badges, and then only those wearing the right badges will be allowed to use upgraded facilities, MRT etc.

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