7 Mar 2006

Singapore Plans Audacious New Twisting Bridge

Yup. Singapore is off to clinch another first.
SINGAPORE unveiled an audacious plan to build a helix-shaped bridge that will link a massive new tourist development, including a giant Ferris wheel and casino complex on reclaimed land.

The bridge, which will cost around S$68 million, is believed to be the world's first to resemble the structure of DNA, the genetic material.

Singapore aims to double visitor arrivals to 17 million and triple tourism receipts to S$30 billion by 2015 with new projects such as two planned casino-resorts and a 170-meter high (558 feet) Ferris wheel.

The nearby resort island of Sentosa is also being developed.

Tourism is one of the biggest service industries in the city-state of 4.4 million people, generating more than 5 percent of gross domestic product.

The government said construction of the bridge, consisting of a six-lane motorway and six-metre wide pedestrian walkway, will begin at the end of the year and is targeted for completion in 2009.


lee hsien tau said...

The length of this little red dot is about 48km?

Sure we a bridge. But do we need a god damned fucking bridge costing $68 million?

antipathy said...

68 million is peanuts what, about 100 peanuts to be precise.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is going into this mega landmarks program, so like Malaysia under Mahathir.

ycbi said...

and i thought only gay men woried about size ! does this meen the PAP are going a little bit pink :)

Anonymous said...

malaysia wants to replace the causeway with a bridge like that

ted said...

I want to comprain! WHy the design of that bridge like no shelter like that? Next time walk there must bring own umbrella regardless of rain and shine...and then hor got SO many lobangs and twist here twist there, people who wants to walk there to the IR next time better not, because its like signifies you would drop alot of money on the way there: all the elements for a profitable casino are there, got water, got lobangs, and the water cannot flow out, all stay inland, so all go to the casino...tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

Bridge to Malaysia , No.
Bridge to Casino , yes.