14 Mar 2006

Concern after Singapore broadcaster withdraws from Commonwealth Games

I would imagine that the decision to remove Singaporean state owned media from the Commonwealth Games coverage might have had something to do with the protesters who held red placards with the words "Shame Singapore Shame" as Father Norden went past. Of course there is no way anyone could have anticipated such demonstrations before-hand. Especially after the deal regarding Singapore Airlines' bid to compete on a transpacific route fell through and the protests regarding the death of Van in December 2005.

Is this round three or four? Ding-Ding!

The decision by Singapore's national broadcaster to pull out of its Commonwealth Games coverage has angered Games officials, who say the move will leave the exploits of the country's athletes unreported.

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union has confirmed MediaCorp's decision, but has declined to comment on how it will affect Games coverage in Singapore.

Our reporter James Panichi says MediaCorp's decision not to send a crew to Melbourne to cover the Games is believed to be linked to concerns over the cost of buying broadcast rights.

With 63 athletes in competition, the Singapore contingent is its largest in Commonwealth Games history.

Its size reflects the country's strong performance at the 2002 Manchester Games, in which it picked up 13 medals, including its first-ever gold.

A team of seven MediaCorp production staff had be scheduled to fly to Melbourne last week, before it was told of the station's decision.

Officials at the Games say they are angered by the move, and that it will be a disappointment to local sports fans, including Singapore's large expatriate Commonwealth communities.

ABC Asia Pacific TV / Radio Australia

Baton protest 'disappointing': Madden
Peter Norden will carry the baton past the home and church of drug-smuggler Nguyen Tuong Van, who was executed last year by Singapore, which is also part of the Commonwealth.

The St Ignatius parish priest campaigned to save Van Nguyen from the noose, then conducted the young man's funeral.

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