26 Mar 2006

Fridae’s Feeling Good party cancelled. Deja-vu anyone?

This is a duplicate article of the one posted in http://blog.sayoni.com by the same author.

March 25, 2006 (Singapore) – Feelin’ Good, a party organised by gay and lesbian media and events company Fridae, has been cancelled after the venue, Ministry of Sound, received a telephone call from local police on Friday evening demanding that they cease venue provision for the event.

According to Mr. Clement Lee, executive director of Ministry of Sound’s parent company LifeBrandz, Mr Kelvin Yeo, Compliance Management Officer from Tanglin Police called on Friday evening after office hours demanding that the club cancel the event, failing which enforcement officers would come to the club on Sunday to shut the party down. The reason given by the police to Mr. Lee over the telephone was that the party would “promote gay activities.”

Whilst Singapore laws prohibit gay sex, there are no laws against being gay. As recently as 2003, then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong was interviewed in Time Magazine about the Singapore government’s non-discrimination policy for employment in the civil service, and was quoted saying gays are “just like you and me.”

Singapore has a thriving gay scene that includes more than dozen organisations, bars and establishments catering primarily to a gay or lesbian clientele. Feelin’ Good would have been Fridae’s first party in Singapore in more than a year and a half, featuring popular Australian DJ Kate Monroe.

In response to previous criticism by current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong that Fridae’s parties “should not be targeted at gays alone” (December 2004), Feelin’ Good has been actively promoted to the mainstream public through a variety of media, including Lush 99.5FM radio and local publications IS and Juice.

“The reaction from the police has been completely unexpected,” said Dr Stuart Koe, CEO of Fridae. “Feelin’ Good is simply a party, not unlike any party held at clubs all around Singapore. There is no legal justification for what the police has done. This is yet another example of institutionalised discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Fridae regrets the turn of events and will offer full refunds to ticket holders. Please refer to the website www.fridae.com/feelingood for the refund process. We would also like to thank the community and our sponsors for your continued support and understanding.

First off, I would like to say that yours truly hasn't been to a single gay party, pub or club in her entire life. So I am really wondering how the Homosexuals were able to "encourage" me to enter a gay lifestyle. I am sure it has absolutely nothing to do with all those cute girls I was fawning over from young, when I didn't even know that lesbians could get it on.

Secondly, I'd like to offer my condolences to Mr Kelvin Yeo for having been made the national (and international) laughing stock, and having to be the mouthpiece for our darling government who just LOVES to control the lives of its citizens to a tee.

Thirdly, I'd like to tell all the gay citizenry in Singapore: emigrate, darlings. As soon as you can - leave this hell-hole behind, and don't look back. Don't hope for anything from Minilee, or that he is any different from his father.

Maybe what Fridae should do is to organise mass deportation to other countries for all gay and lesbian people - let's see if Minilee steps in and says that it would promote a "gay lifestyle", or is not "in their national interests".


Anonymous said...

Once again singabloodypore Gov is leading the way for the right wing homophobic facists around the world . Roll on Nation V1 in Phuket .oh where the bloody hell is Singapore ? and who gives a fuck !

Anonymous said...

How to become a vibrant city when there is the practice of "exclusiveness"?

akikonomu said...

Unfortunately no one in the press is going to ask Minilee or his ministers any hard questions.

Anonymous said...

suggest that all the gays and lesbians have a silent and peaceful protest. Actions speak louder than words.

ted said...

Oh my, Kate Monroe, you guys have any idea how hard is it t get into a gig that she's featured in...sheesh.

clyde said...

If the two-faced government continues to insist on running the country in this manner with their thumbs stuck up their *sses, then I suggest they stop whining when they complain about emmigration issues and a declining Singaporean birth rate.

It exceeds my ability to comprehend how exactly an organised gathering of people in an indoor avenue making no effort to shadow their identity is possibly a threat to the public by luring unknowing individuals and turning them 'gay'. The extremist homophobia of the police verges on harrassment of the community. Few actions I would reccommend if they gay community truly believe in their civil rights are (a) seek legal advice on where they stand in hosting such activities, (b) take legal action against the state if applicable, and/or (c) jump on the boycott wagon and take your stand against Ministry of Sound. If the law is not clear whether it is homophobic or not, the club should have no reason to cave into pressure from the police over unwritten laws.

These may seem futile in a near-totalitarian nation. But what's lacking in this country is any form of challenge towards the government by the people. They need to be challenged in the courts of law to draw their homophobia into the limelight and clarify legislation on such activities. Leaving it to the police' own indiscretion is not good enough.

Anonymous said...

Clyde, it is futile.

For many of us, we have to pretend to buy into the system while we quietly make our plans to leave.

We know when we are not wanted. They can have the island. The rest of the world awaits us.

At least they did not stop Kate Monroe at the airport as an undesirable (like they did Kitaro years ago). And only probably because they did not recognise her.

jOlYnNN said...

i always dislike discrimination on any particular status.

Yes, it's true, i guess this event isn't promoting such behaviour whereas Geylang is a place which influence one's behaviour. Everything falls back on the issue of INTEREST. If I'm not gay, I'm not gay.. what's there to promote.

It's just a new lifestyle and it can be safe either.. and lastly, how r u my dear steve... :D

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck it. Gay events bring in lotsa bucks - the tourist dollar is potentially huge too.

I'm a great believer in the free market. Punish the homophobic state by boycott. Gay business people should boycott Singapore. Gay travellers also.

Go to Thailand instead and party over there, spend money... and make it an institution - like Sydney's gay mardi gras.

But don't be silent - make it known to the S'pore govt that you are not willing to be discriminated against. Let them know, very loudly, that you are willing to spend your money in the country that at least respects you fro being you. And tell your families and all your friends.

Uniquely Singapore?

Yeah, unique-LEE HUNG UP

Anonymous said...

nope i rather stay in SG than to go to a redneck country like australia and be scorned by them for looks and homophobia...........if you ever been to their place you know sg is definitely much better although we might not have those things like gay parade.......at least you won't be SCORNED by the australians for the LOOKS and as well as being a queer person..........

ted said...

hUH? What scorned for looks? Ni zai jiang se mah? Singapore much better than what? What context? PArade? Sg have the chinGAY parade also what. Tsk these anonmynous. WOnder which hole they crawl out from.

Anonymous said...

Such a close and narrow-minded garmen!

Would they also similarly restrict those gay and lesbian travellers coming to sg? If so, then we are going to lose out on tourism and affecting the economic growth again. So irritating!

So simple! Calling all gays and lesbians. GE coming soon. You shld know what to do since garmen is constantly depriving you ppl so much of happiness in life.

Then, if still not effective, then look for greener pasture elsewhere - MIGRATE since they can't appreciate you ppl.

A modern city but traditionally minded bunch of nutty leaders.

What's the use of opening up the orchard area for another 24-Hr food galore? Don't we have enough of food centres and food courts around the island already?

It is not 7th month - the hungry ghosts festival every day. Hungry ghosts also want enjoyment and not just food alone!!! Wake up garmen.

Fedup hungry ghost

Matilah_Singapura said...

To anonymous: That's great that you choose singapore over "redneck Oz", becoz if people like me will *tell* you to get The Bloody Hall out anyway. :-)

I'll even throw in 5 bucks as a contribution to your airfare out of Australia, and if you are lucky that day - finding my good self in a particularly spritely mood - I might insult your race, and perhaps the female members of your family as well.

Love and kisses,

Anonymous said...

Matilah_singapura - you've your choice of stay and others have their rights of selections. Don't be a bully - just like the garmen. You have your mood n I have my mood too!!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

I can do as I please, and you are welcome to try and stop me. Asshole :-)

Anonymous said...

i think gays deserve to be shot. A bullet to the back of their heads would be nice. Just don't get any gay blood on me while you are at it.

peace to the world.