4 Mar 2006

Singapore Oppn. leader defends claims on judiciary

Singapore, March 3 (AP): Opposition politician Chee Soon Juan today defended his claims that Singapore's judiciary lacked independence, despite having been charged with contempt of court over the verbal attack.

Chee was charged after making the allegations at a February 10 court hearing at which he was declared bankrupt for failing to pay 500,000 Singapore dollars in damages to Singapore's two former prime ministers, Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong, for defaming them in 2001.

Chee, Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party, said he hoped his case would draw international attention on Singapore's courts, which he accuses of lacking independence.

"The Singapore judiciary must be the bulwark between the people and an authoritarian government," Chee said in a telephone interview. "I hope this will be able to focus attention on the judiciary. This has got to stop for the sake of Singapore."

In a court document posted on the opposition party's website, Singapore's attorney-general said Chee refused to answer the court's questions during the bankruptcy hearing.

The document said Chee instead read a statement which "imputed that the Singapore judiciary was biased and unfair, and that it acted at the instance of the government or conspired with the government in cases involving opposition politicians".

It said Chee had alleged that "the judiciary in Singapore is, sadly, not independent, especially when it comes to dealing with opposition politicians".


Anonymous said...

If one doesn't have the concern and love for others, one wouldn't have pointed out the flaws of others. Similarly, I believe the sincere motivation and wishes of these opposition parties' love and care for their own country; otherwise they wouldn't stick their necks out like this.

Why can't the govt be more open and more receptive enough and not always adopting the defensive attitude and the "merciless iron-fists method" as their weapon to win the battle.

To me, this certainly wouldn't posed as a convincing way of resolving the issue at all. Instead make one feel more disgusted and shameful to have such kind of leaders who lack integrity, fairness and justice towards their citizens.

How could the country work for the betterment if the leaders are constantly more concern for fighting and defending for their own egoism instead of being magnanimous? Then, they would appear to be bind to all possible ways of improving the country.

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear!

Salt * Wet * Fish said...

I agree, maybe the reason why things don't change is because we have too many anonymous persons talking, but no one willing to stand up when they need to you.

Anonymous said...

So far, how many past opposition parties (see namelist in one of the postings) had spoken but what were their fate? Sued and sued and sued and sued till bankrupt and even were driven out of the country.

And the present ones are faced with state obstacles and difficulties......and what more....

Before any opposition party could stand up, they are being shot down first.

In fact, sometimes what the opposition said are not all nonsense. If we think and analyse about it, it makes sense sometimes.

Most of the time, the garmen is paying lip-services to us.

sensible thoughts

Anonymous said...

Mindful that those past opposition parties were or are Singaporeans and the present ones are also Singaporeans too. They are all part of the country, they also pay taxes just the same as every citizen like you and me.

For instance, what Jeyaratnam had complained about the jury. He contended that it should be AT LEAST ONE AND NOT JUST ONLY ONE judge, which I feel is absolutely correct. How sure is that that only judge don't overlook any pertinent evidence in a court case which could led one to make a wrong decision, esp. so if it concerns LIFE AND DEATH!!!!!!

Moreover, i don't think all what the garmen did are absolutely good for the people. Just as they are human beings, like the opposition parties and like you and me. To err is human. No one is perfect! Therefore the garmen are also not perfect people. So, too, are the opposition parties.

So, why do the garmen leaders always have to use unscrupulous means to keep the opposition parties down like this? Don't you think it is so unfair and unjustified?

Having said, it doesn't mean that I'm taking sides but rather out of principles and morality as what the late Mr Rajaratnam, whom I have much respect for, had said: "Put the social morality on par with individual morality". He composed the pledge which says "we are democractic society...." Are we really that democratic or not?

Sensible thoughts

Anonymous said...

boo hoo hoo so sad for chee, the poor poor selfless object of the garmen's badness.