14 Mar 2006

Shame Singapore Shame

Protesters take part in Queen's baton relay
A Queen's baton relay runner has campaigned against the practice of capital punishment in Commonwealth countries.

Father Peter Norden was supported by a group of silent protesters as he ran through inner-city Melbourne this afternoon.

The protesters held red placards with the words "Shame Singapore Shame" as Father Norden went past.

Father Norden, who campaigned against Singapore's hanging of convicted drug trafficker Van Nyugen last year, has rejected criticism of the protest.

He says the Commonwealth Games baton relay is an appropriate place to champion his cause.

"Thirty-five of the 37 Commonwealth countries that have capital punishment still put a noose around people's necks," he said.

"We don't believe that in a civilised society that this practice should continue."

He has compared the protest to the Queen's campaign against AIDS and says the Commonwealth Games is an appropriate place to raise the issue.

But Commonwealth Games Minister Justin Madden says the baton relay is not the appropriate event to champion other causes.

"If anyone individual purports to use it for any other message that's disappointing," he said.

"But we still maintain that the baton is about the goodwill of the Commonwealth, the Queen's message and the opportunity for those unsung heroes to carry the baton."


Matilah_Singapura said...


ycbi said...

I can think of no beter way than to have used the Queens baton relay for the purpose of trying to end state sanctioned murder !

Anonymous said...

That is so ironic. What hypocrisy. because the process of colonisation that led to this entity called the Commonwealth was probably not exactly a tea party.

Anonymous said...

Shameful leh, Singapore sponsor so poor no money to support the showing of Commonwealth games on TV, got Singapore sportsmen leh, even the FIFA world cup without any participant from Singapore still got show. Mediacock really make us sports fan mad.

Anonymous said...

CURSE you father.....may you BURN in HELL

Anonymous said...

Who is more shameful, using the commonwealth Queen's baton to tarnish Singapore?

Each country have their own legal system, who is he to criticise when their own is not protecting their own people.

Why did not he use that occasion to campiagn how racist some of them can be?

To that person who say "Shameful Leh", why should Mediacorps, telecast the Game, since they allow the "Father" to use the event to campiagn against our country legal system.

Anonymous said...

yeah...who the fcuk are you to comment about how singapore rules the country........we don't go around bitching about how america .....how australia run things.......and yeah that guy above me is right.....why don't you people in australia KILL those racist people first????? if that Father Peter Norden ever comes to asia.....just watch out.....i will be there waiting for you father.........oh father....i will make you commit sins AGAINST your BIBLE......your STUPID FCUKING BIBLE teaches you how to FCUK yourself! may you BURN IN HELL FATHER!

Anonymous said...

i was thinking.....why pump money to feed the ingrates??? better to put the money to better use in other countries than to feed the ingrates and make them swell with so much pride and FATS! curse them.......give me a reason why we should support ingrates??? to hell with your needs you golden piggy boi