19 Mar 2006

Dr. Chee Soon Juan has a Petition

To: Singapore Judiciary

We, the undersigned, would like to request that Dr Chee Soon Juan be released from prison. It is the strong belief of the undersigned that the sentence was uncalled for. We also denounce the heavy damages awarded in the recent libel suit against him.


The Undersigned

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The Petition for the Release of Chee Soon Juan from prison for wrongful conviction Petition to Singapore Judiciary was created by and written by Diana Chua Tian Qi (dianachua@hotmail.com). This petition is hosted here at www.PetitionOnline.com as a public service. There is no endorsement of this petition, express or implied, by Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. For technical support please use our simple Petition Help form.

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Anonymous said...

That is the stupidest petition. Before the petition is collected, CSJ would have been released from jail. That is why the judge decided to jail him 1 day or about a week if he doesn't pay the fine......they gave him a light sentence so that he cannot capitalise on it. Any hue and outcry from CSJ for the short sentence can only turn him into more of a joke in the eyes of Singaporeans.

CSJ is an expert at playing into the hands of the PAP. He is so pathetic, some people are saying say having him around can only help the PAP.

Anonymous said...

So, in your own words, the sentence
is meted is so thatCSJ cannot capitalise on it and not that it fits the offence? Its just said so much on our judiciary then

Anonymous said...

It's a conspiracy. The PAP pays Chee Soon Juan to make a fool of himself so that everyone else would think twice before opposing the government.