8 Mar 2006

6,000 Vietnamese women, children trafficked abroad in 2005

From People's Daily Online

Vietnam reported 6,000 local women and children were trafficked abroad mainly for disadvantaged marriage, child adoption, and labor and sex slavery in 2005, a local official told Xinhua on Tuesday.

The victims were sent overseas mainly in the forms of touring and working abroad, and illegally crossing borders through border gates, the official from the Ho Chi Minh City Children Sponsoring Association said, declining to be named.

Many victims were trafficked to Cambodia, some of them, using fake passports, were eventually sent to a third destination like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, she said.

The Vietnamese government has recently adopted four projects on combating trafficking of children and women in the 2005-2010 period, which focus on four areas, namely strengthening propaganda and education on preventing children and women trafficking in the community, intensifying fights against human trafficking, building up legal documents on the issue, and giving stronger support to victims.

Source: Xinhua

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