21 Jul 2005

Weblog Ethics Survey Results

What this study is all about

This study seeks to explore ethical principles in blogging through a quantitative survey of bloggers from around the world. It is our honors thesis as undergraduates at the School of Communication and Information , Nanyang Technological University (SCI/NTU).

Why is there such a long delay from the initial results release date in May?

We needed time to properly analyse all the findings. The response was more overwhelming than we expected, with over a thousand bloggers completing our survey. We thank everyone who had did the survey, and apologise for the delay.

Who are we?

We are three undergraduates from SCI/NTU. Ordinary undergraduates who found the issue on blogging ethics interesting, and decided to do a thesis on it.

Dr. Benjamin H. Detenber and Dr. Mark Cenite are our thesis supervisors.

Why are we publishing our results here on blogspot?

Beyond just a final year thesis, we hope that our study can contribute to the blogging community amidst the debate on ethics and ethical codes in blogging. Feel free to post comment on this blog or email <"mailto:S8033419B@ntu.edu.sg"> us feedback. us feedback. If you are a blogger, you can also provide a link this blog to share this URL with your friends.

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