14 Jul 2005

Holly Q

Found some thought provoking material at Holly Q...

As usual, though, one must turn one's attention back home, as far as it can be described as "home" anymore. At least half our population has been drilled, for anywhere between 24 to 28 months of their lives, in the values of the military. These are values that don't sit well with the values needed for a democracy. It breeds an unhealthy obedience to authority, and a most unsavoury misogyny. It increases the palatability of violence.


Mr Wang Says So said...

Life is not that simple. Neither is the "breeding of values".

I don't think my NS experience bred in me any obedience to authority. If anything, it bred in a sense of cynicism and the ability to detect bullshit in large organisational setups.

And I think many Singaporeans probably learned the same things as I did, from their own NS experiences.

soci said...

The Singaporeans I have spoken to who have had to undergo NS, really do have a very mixed interpretation of how it affected them. Some enjoy it, others dispise it. I wonder how the majority think though.

Most of the ex-service men I have met from other countries, refer to their time in service with glowing terms, and references to how it prepared them for the 'real' world of corporate life. Then again most of them were there out of choice.

BlogInquisitor said...

strange that such an article should come up.
Quite honestly, i quite liked my NS experience and i can tell you it was a hell hole filled with backstabbing, mismanagement etc. To say that the entire male population is programmed with militaristic tendencies is pure crap. TO be sure, a rather significant number of males end up as desk bound, sissy, girly men(to borrow Arnie's phrases)who never have to hold a rifle, march or really get barked at. THeir tales of NS revolve around the 'cute' ladies at MINDEF or why they seem to have more time then the silly and unlucky majority that have to risk life and limb on exercises and even have to sacrifice time with families. IF you're taking this as a gripe please note, NS taught me a whole lot. It taught me particular that the people complain the most particularly about things like NS are the ones who don't know a thing about it and are the ones who went through it so breezily that they fail to see it's significance nor appreciate it. I made some good friends, met some inspiring bosses and i'm damn glad i'm combat coz at least i'm worth something and i'm not some hot air filled weakling with too mcuh time on his hands.