8 Jul 2005

Edinburgh 50,000 The Final Push

Yes I know there has been a series of bombs in London. Of course my thoughts are with those how are sufferng or grieving for their loved ones. Many here feel that the bombing was planned to coincide with the G8 summit in Gleneagles. The bombing has disrupted the meeting, Tony Blair returned briefly to London to show his concern and ensure that the correct proceedures are in place.

It was an attempt to get the worlds attention shifted to that of fear. A fear that has spread via the mass media to many parts of the global including Singapore. Singapore has long believed that they are a target. Contingency plans are, I am sure, in place and dummy runs have been made.

One thing that is difficult to prepare for is the panic that will grip the population. In London and the UK in general, the population is behaving normally. Everyone is going to work, kids are playing in the streets and the postman still delivers his mail.

A bomb going off in any area is a shocking event. Fear and terror is the immediate response. But the strength of an individuals character is measured in how quickly he or she gets up and moves on in life. Learning from the past but never dwelling on it long enough to distort today or tomorrow. The day before the bombs, we had plans and dreams. Our desire to 'Make Poverty History' was and is a noble endeavour. Allow those who need to grieve the space to do so. The rest of us will pick ourselves up and move on. We will not be distracted from our aim.

This is the final moment; this is the eve of the biggest meeting ever in the fight against poverty.

As the leaders fly into Gleneagles on the evening of Wednesday 6th July, a very special event at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium will signal the end of the Long Walk To Justice and the beginning of the G8 Summit.

Hosted by Lenny Henry and Peter Kay, the event will include some of music’s biggest names such as Annie Lennox, Snow Patrol, Travis, The Sugababes, Ronan Keating, Beverly Knight, The Corrs, Natasha Bedingfield, Proclaimers, Texas, Youssou N’Dour, McFly, Bob Geldof, Midge Ure and African artists from Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD plus a line up of very special speakers.

And below is a link to a short video I made of the event in Edinburgh. Only a few of the acts above appear.


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clyde said...

Are these 3 clips different or the same but at different quality? Just wanna clarify to save myself downloading the same thing 3 times...

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same clip