20 Jul 2005

Singapore to monitor its citizens Pak madarassas visits

I am fully aware of the current 'terrorist' threat but surely this is an infringement of civil liberties. Is Tony Tan saying that they are monitoring where you go on holiday? The article says, 'begun' but the statement from Tan implies that it has been monitoring for sometime.

Singapore: Following media reports suggesting that at least three of the four 7/7 London bombers received training from Islamic radicals at Pakistani madarassas, the Singapore government has begun monitoring the movements of its citizens visiting Pakistan, particularly the madarassas there.

Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan confirmed this while speaking in the country’s parliament.

He, however, said that the government could not control every movement of its people.

Yes, we do keep track. We try to keep track of who goes there, but we are a free society so we cannot be sure of everybody. We do know that there are Singaporeans who have gone to some madarassas in a neighbouring country and from there went on to Pakistan,” The News quoted Tan as saying.


Anonymous said...

well thats the price of security. dun come telling me things like human rights and all that bull now, cos of those BARBARIC fundamentalists, the rest of the sane world has to be watched. isnt this how the world is???

report on news which is indeed news whiteboy....not on dribble which is known by all

Mock Turtle said...

Uhm, isn't "Pak" perjorative?

soci said...

Doesn't sound very good, and I can't imagine why they shortened it. I merely copied their title.

Just add an 'i' at the end and you have common racist chant.

Mr Wang Says So said...

Well, Steve, in case you did not already know it, all NSmen already have to report their overseas trips, prior to leaving Singapore. It can be done by phone or email or by sending a fax. NSmen have to notify the authorities of the departure date, the expected return date, and the country or countries they are going to.

This requirement has been around for years and years already.

Jowie said...

yeah man.. i really hate this. It's so much of a hassle. Why can't they get it from the immigration... think they need SAP. :D

certainly they won't enforce capital punishment right? Luckily they didn't do so.. :)

Anonymous said...

I believe they already have SAP. Even IMH has SAP (I'm the expert when the subject is on Hougang Green). They just want to find out who want to go db.

There are people whose NS = (Police Station) lock-up guard (= bully other people) also cannot tarhan, never-mind reservist reporting movement ...

Anonymous said...

Adding on to the first Anonymous's comments, see what all those Political Correctness and Human Rights had resulted. And the UK are still dithering if they should allow a well-known hostile imam who openly supported suicide-bombing into the country. And what did we see, another threat yesterday.

Don't give me the bollocks about the imam has his rights too. How about the rights of the 56 dead which were violated?

Anonymous said...

Erm, how come nobody talks about the millions dead in Iraq since like 10 years ago? Don't mean to sound prejudiced but all blood is red in colour. The blood of Iraqis or Afghans are no different than the Britons. You can't just barge into someone's country and decide what's best. Try doing something like that on your neighbour and see what happens.