18 Jul 2005

The Singapore Rebel

Singapore Rebel appears to be back online and available here. As usual I would like to state that I am not responsible for uploading the documentary. All I am doing is placing a hyper link to the site that contains the download file.

I am currently having problems downloading the avi file but will keep trying.

Singapore Rebel - Documentary on an opposition politician in Singapore: This is the film Singapore's censorship board doesn't want people to see. It's the story of opposition politician Chee Soon Juan, who has been imprisoned twice for championing democratic change in the city state. The censors declared it a 'party political film' and it was pulled from last month's Singapore International Film Festival line-up after the director was warned he could face two years in jail if the screening went ahead.

Singapore Rebel Cinepack (105 MB)


clyde said...

Thanks for the link Steve! The documentary is more 'amateur-ish' than I thought and Martyn See is definitely no Michael Moore, but it's a really interesting glimpse at how Singapore has failed democracy.

soci said...

I take that the link works?

clyde said...

Yeah... it was an OK speed of abt 30kbps. 45 minute download I think.