17 Jul 2005

Public welcome Gerard Ee as NKF's interim chairman

According to Lawrence Tan, the 20-year-old full-time national serviceman who started the petition which gathered 40,000 signatures in three days, "Singaporeans signed something which not only called for the NKF board to step down, but for them to show greater accountability and transparency."

Suddenly the requests for transparency and accountability are ignored. As if by magic the problem has dissappeared and no one will ever again refer to the two nouns for fear having their own organisation become the unmentionables. And "the public", all of them, are happy again in lala-land according to Channel News Asia after having done a highly rigourous, indepth, and representative survey with a sample of 2 respondents.
Charity groups and public welcome Gerard Ee as NKF's interim chairman

The public also expressed support for NKF with Mr Ee at the helm.

"He will bring more confidence," said one member of the public.

"I hope the new chairman will restore their confidence, the people's confidence and continue to raise funds," said another.

"The general consensus among members of the public and the various charity organisations is that with a new leadership in place at the NKF, it is time to move on and concentrate on the future to rebuild public confidence and continue to lend a helping hand to kidney patients."

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Surely claiming 'General consensus' after interviewing an anonymous 2 people in a population of approximately 4 million is a joke. I wonder if the 'journalist', and I use that term loosely, actually interviewed 2 people, or simply copied what they were told to write contained in the memo from upon high.


ye said...

too bad i wasn't the one interviewed, or i would have given a negative answer to that question, the same seems to go for every other person i've been talking to about this

Anonymous said...

why is it so??

soci said...

anonymous, why is 'what' so? what does your 'it' refer to?