15 Jul 2005

Police concerned over public reactions to NKF issue

The picture was found at Commentary Singapore and Mr Wang would like to explain that the Chinese characters spray-painted on the wall mean FRAUDSTER.

And just on the off chance any Singaporeans have forgotten - I found this rather short and to the point 'article' at Channel News Asia. It is copied exactly as it appears on the site. It hardly amounts to an article. It could be viewed as a blog or simply a message from your local friendly neighbourhood cop.

SINGAPORE : The Singapore police has expressed concern over public reactions to the National Kidney Foundation issue.

It said police officers were called in following vandalism at the NKF compound.

They were also alerted about an intention to organise a group demonstration.

Police urged the public not to take the law into their own hands.

It reminded them that it is an offence to organise a public assembly or procession with five or more people.

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clyde said...

How about 10 groups of 4 people? We could make that work... How far apart do the groups have to be to be considered "separate"? Im sure there's a loophole somewhere..heh