28 Jul 2005

Singapore's first gay and lesbian PrideMonth

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28 July 2005

IndigNation: Singapore's first gay and lesbian PrideMonth

This year, there will not be a Nation Party in Singapore. Instead, there will be IndigNation, Singapore's first gay and lesbian Pride Month, August 2005.

Fridae.com was refused a permit to hold Nation Party '05 in Singapore, simply because it was expected to be gay event.

IndigNation is a gay community response to this unreasonable ban, as well as to heavy censorship of publications, such as Manazine, serving this community. Gays and lesbians are indignant over what these say about their equal rights and their place in this nation.

The events in the IndigNation calendar are contributed by various organisers to Singapore's Pride Month.

It opens with an art exhibition by Martin Loh, followed by a series of talks and poetry and closes with a bash organised by the gay and lesbian sports and adventure club, ADLUS.

This collection of separately-organised events under a common umbrella is a demonstration of the initiative and spirit of grass-roots civil society in Singapore – civil society that the authorities say they want to encourage, but then go out of their way to suppress, just because we happen to be gay.

All events are open to everyone regardless of sexual orientation. The talks that are being organised especially welcome heterosexual persons, so that their perspectives are also heard.

The Calendar of events can be seen at www.plu.sg, and at www.yawningbread.info/indignation/intro.htm

For details about any particular event, please email the contact person
listed for that event on the Calendar.

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